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Top 7 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Beloved

Top 7 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Beloved
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A marriage proposal is a significant step not everyone is willing to take. But if you have decided that it’s time to get down on one knee and offer your beloved the promise of forever, choosing the perfect engagement ring will seal the deal.

While some women may not admit it, the weight of an engagement ring on their finger goes beyond the actual mass of the diamonds that adorn this accessory. After all, it signifies your promise and her acceptance of your eternal love.

Because of this, you need to pick out the perfect engagement ring while keeping in mind these seven tips:

Decide on the band metal.

Most engagement rings and wedding bands are made with white or yellow gold, platinum, or silver, but modern ones have also been crafted using rose gold.

Some may mistake platinum for silver, but the former is actually much more expensive than the latter. This is because platinum has greater density and is a rarer type of metal.

Other metals also scratch easier than others, so make sure you consider the lifestyle of the wearer – your significant other – before you make a decision.

Of course, you also need to think about your budget, especially if you’re planning to spend more on the centerpiece diamond and other stones to be set in the engagement ring.

Consider the cut of the diamond you want.

Knowing your bride-to-be’s preferred diamond shape will make the search for the perfect engagement ring so much easier.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings come with gems in different shapes (also called “cuts”) that vary in carat weight and price.

A diamond’s cutting style describes how the stone facets are arranged. For instance, round diamonds are most popular because of the brilliant cutting style with a 57- or 58-facet arrangement. This is probably why round diamonds are the most expensive.

You can also choose from the less expensive “fancy” shapes, such as pear, oval, marquise, square, rectangle, and heart.

Think beyond the diamond grade.

Diamond experts around the world use the “Four Cs” to determine the quality level of diamonds. This stands for:

  • Color – This describes the diamond’s lack of color, rated between D and Z. Rarer D diamonds have less color than the rest.
  • Clarity – This refers to the absence of blemishes and inclusions in the diamond.
  • Cut – This is the diamond’s shape that affects how well it unleashes light.
  • Carat weight – A diamond’s carat weight is basically the size of the stone.

Of course, certificate grading is only one of the many factors you need to consider when deciding on an engagement ring.

Although they may be the most expensive, D flawless stones aren’t the only ones that make a gorgeous ring. If you’re looking at the stones yourself anyway, it would be best to judge it based on how it makes you feel rather than just using the GIA rating (the standard diamond grading system from the Gemological Institute of America).

Don’t get too fixated on the size.

Many people believe that bigger stones are better, but that isn’t always the case. When it comes to engagement rings, what you and your future fiancée think matters the most.

So, unless you believe it’s the most important thing for your bride-to-be, you shouldn’t get too fixated on the diamond’s size.

If it does matter to either of you, be sure to weigh the available options carefully. If you want to emphasize the size, you could compromise on the clarity and color.

Don’t worry; even experts in the jewelry industry have become aware of this trend, with some admitting that there’s much less pressure on women and their finances in choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Today, an engagement ring has become more of an extension of an individual’s personal style. In some cases, this means opting out of the “bling” thing intentionally, allowing your beloved to feel empowered with an accessory that actually reflects who she is.

Be open-minded.

Whether it’s about the carat or the shape of the diamond, it is imperative that you keep an open mind when choosing the perfect engagement ring.

There are times when your lady love thinks she knows what she wants in terms of the shape or size of a diamond ring, only to find out that she prefers something else while trying some rings on. After all, seeing a ring on display and actually wearing it in real life could leave entirely different impressions.

That said, be sure to observe your significant other as well. Even better if you can consult her closest friend or family when choosing the perfect engagement ring. As a bonus, you can even save a bit of cash with a less common carat size.

Plan with the wedding band in mind.

It can be easy to get caught up in shopping for the best diamond ring, but that’s just half of the equation. You’ll also need to consider how it would look on your partner’s fingers when worn with your wedding band.

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If you’re already eyeing an engagement ring, be sure to consider the wedding band styles that could go well with it. Some engagement rings cannot be worn with other bands on the same finger, while others are specifically designed for certain wedding band styles.

With that in mind, be sure to think about the full package before committing to a unique style of engagement ring.

Frame the stone well for optimum effect.

Although the center stone will get the most attention, it wouldn’t stand out without the proper setting. That said, part of selecting an engagement ring design is thinking about a setting that can frame the stone well to achieve the optimum effect.

Think of the diamond as a piece of art that needs a frame to match. This can be as bold as they come or simple enough to allow the centerpiece to stand out. But most importantly, the setting and overall design of the ring should reflect the personality of the person wearing it.

If you’re having the engagement ring made from scratch, make sure you seek help from an expert you know will guide you in making the right decision.

Put a (perfect) ring on it

An engagement ring symbolizes your love and undying commitment to your significant other. Seal the deal with the perfect ring by following the tips listed here.

Featured Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels

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