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Tips on How to Market Your Brand In Person

If you’re thinking about hosting a promotional event, you need to know all it takes to create a successful promotion. Many people make the mistake of choosing to handle their promotional activities by themselves with the help of their staff, but this type of event never have the professional, outstanding spark that can be seen in events that are handled by professional talent agencies.

If you want to do something, you better do it right – especially when it comes to operations related to your business, or anything else that you hold valuable. A flaky, non-interesting event won’t amaze your attendees; it won’t have them talking about it for days to come. You might think that one staff member of yours is creative enough to handle the hosting of a promotional event, but you should remember that however talented this person is, hosting events isn’t their profession. It isn’t something they are fabulous at, and it isn’t something they are known for. Make no mistake; there is no way in this world for a person who doesn’t specialize in hosting events to live up to someone who has chosen this as their profession.

A professional, successful agency with many years of practice under their belt will help you host an unforgettable event, and they will do it in so many ways.

CEO of The Kat Agency, a premier staffing agency said, “We have had clients come in with no idea on how to build brand awareness. It can be a tricky and overwhelming job for some. After I sit down with my team and the client, and we map out the key strategies to building their brand and how the right staff can take them far, they always end up leaving with a clear picture and end up creating some of their most successful events.”

Boosting Awareness of Your Brand

If you want to stand out from the competition, using models instead of your own staff can make a huge difference. Professional models can help you promote your brand, services, or products in a way that boosts the awareness of your company. A talent agency that has many years of experience with promotional events will know how to instruct their models for the best possible outcome.

You want to grab the attention of all your attendees. A modeling agency that’s been in the business for a long time knows how to achieve this. They will go through your event plans carefully, and they will make sure to choose the models that are best fitted for your industry, or for the kind of promotion you are looking to host.

Participating in PR Events

A proper public presentation is the cornerstone of many successful companies. Public events may be as important as the quality of the product or service you present to the audience, so you better make them count. These events are your opportunity to talk directly to your target audience, and a professional modeling agency knows this. They know how important it is to leave a vivid impression at live presentations and their models are well-trained for remarkably representing your company.

With the right models on your team at a public event, the event’s excitement levels jump right up, but that’s not all. The models can mingle, talk to the attendees, and pass out samples or promo materials. The right modeling agency will know how to give their models a professional look. The agency will have the models wear the most appropriate outfit, and if you want them to wear your company’s uniform, or you need a fresh idea about the attire, you’re all covered. Quinn said, “Unity and visuals are a key part of creating a cohesive and pleasing visual for your customers or clients.”

The Kat Agency makes sure every aspect of your promotional event is considered when preparing the models. From outfits that fit your brand perfectly, to briefing each model on your company’s culture, products, and services. A model can look and sound just like they were a regular employee of your company – but more sophisticated.

Entertainment Marketing and Live Demonstrations

It’s no secret that people want to be entertained at promotional events. By deciding to go with a professional talent agency in Florida, you automatically open up a wide range of options for marketing your brand or product. Many of the models featured in the most successful agencies have talents of which you can benefit. Some of them are outstanding singers, so maybe they could sing a jingle for your audience, or they can assist in magic shows.

Maybe you’d like to bring out real-life ballerinas to amaze your attendees, or perhaps you want to have break dancers at your event? How about real actors who can transform your event into a full-blown show? Many event hosts decide to have live demonstrations of their products at promo events, and there is no better way to promote something that using a model who knows how to capture people’s attention.

The right agency will have a wide range of talent for you to choose from, and if you aren’t sure about what would work for your type of event, they too can help with this. After years of hosting successful events of many kinds, The Kat Agency will know exactly what your event needs.

Drawing People Into Your Space and Increasing Customer Demand

Hosting your own promotional event means you don’t need to directly compete with other companies, as you would at a trade show. Still, using models for a promotional event brings immediate advantage. When people find out that there will be professional models and presenters, entertainers at your event, they will be more likely to come. As we already said, people like to be entertained at these events. No one wants to go and feel bored for a couple of hours. Besides being gorgeous, models are usually bubbly, cheerful, very excited about your brand and very eager to charm your attendees.

A professional talent agency is already aware of these facts, and they will help you promote your event in the most effective possible way by giving valuable advice based on their previous experience.

Quinn said, “I have been to so many trade shows in my years of being a staffing agent, and it is incredible to see the difference it makes for brands who have the right staff and for those who choose to not use staff. Hiring the right people and making sure your space is visually appealing is what’s going to take your brand to the next level.”

Successful modeling agencies always strive towards perfection. The goal of a fantastic agency is to represent your brand to the best of their abilities. If your event goes wrong, it reflects poorly on the agency as well. It is their line of work, and they will always do their best to do well for their clients. Because of this, agencies always hire the most talented individuals. The models need to fulfill some strict criteria to be employed by a successful agency.

Hosting a promotional event in Florida doesn’t have to be hard – all you need is the perfect modeling agency to help you out.


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