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How to Take Control of All Your Videos

How to Take Control of All Your Videos

If you’re anything like us, you probably have dozens and dozens of videos recorded between your phones and your computers. Not to speak of all the videos on Facebook (and other platforms, that many of you like to save with a Facebook video downloader. It’s time to take control of all your videos. Maybe that number even goes well into the hundreds. There they are, unorganized, not synchronized adequately across various devices, possibly in formats you didn’t even know existed. Maybe some of these videos need a quick editing job, but you have no idea where even to start. We use the Wondershare video converter and will provide the benefits of this tool within this article. We will also share a few other alternatives we like, such as Ontiva, an online free video converter tool. So let’s get to it!

Enter the Wondershare Video Converter:

We were recently turned on to a new comprehensive video tool: Wondershare. We put this program through the paces, and it has some awesome features that will make your life a lot easier when dealing with videos. Download Wondershare Video Converter to see for yourself.

Comprehensive File Conversion:

How to convert MOV to MP4 is often the biggest issue people often have, simply because they record a lot of videos on their iPhones and then need them in different formats to be able to upload them to different platforms. Of course, Wondershare goes way above and beyond that, allowing you to convert back and forth between literally more than a thousand different file formats and codecs. You’ll never get stuck in a video format again. And besides, their conversions are lossless and fast. Did we say FAST? Trying several conversions between different file types out, we were truly impressed with its performance. The makers of Wondershare claim that their conversions typically take ten times less time than the industry average, and we believe them after checking it out for ourselves. You can click to see a real-time demonstration of what we are talking about. Another great tool we like for an mp4 converter that offers an online conversion tool without having to download any software is from Evano.

Not Just A Converter:

Although the top-notch conversion Wondershare brings to the table is already sexy, it integrates many features under one program. A video editor is integrated into the program, allowing you to crop, split, fade quickly, adjust color, and whatever else you may need to do to polish that video before putting it out there. It can also record screens and audio for those of you who need it.

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And when it’s time to put it out there, you still don’t need to leave the program. It will link up to your clouds and devices and get that video where it needs to go. Wondershare syncs with TVs, all sorts of computers and phones, and VR devices; you name it, Wondershare has you covered. Finally, Wondershare functions as a DVD burner, allowing you to burn the needed format of DVD for those of you who need that functionality.

Conclusion | Take Control of All Your Videos

Now that you have the skinny on video conversion tools, many of these have free trials to test out before you buy. There are also many online free tools that you can utilize to accomplish your video editing projects. While doing your video editing, be sure to check out mp3 downloader online audio conversion tools. These tools will help you get the music to integrate into your videos. Audio conversion tools allow you to grab audio from just about any source, including YouTube. When using such tools, make sure you have a license for the music before converting. Good luck with your video conversion endeavors. 


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