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Ten great accessories for him

Holiday Cheer
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As the holidays approach, that familiar panic starts to set in – what are you going to get him? Whether you’re buying for a partner, a friend, or someone else, getting the perfect gift for men isn’t always easy. You want to get him something that’s both useful and fun, that no one else is likely to get him. But what is a good gift for a man during the holiday season? Let’s take a look at some great Christmas gifts for him that will improve his lifestyle and make every weekend more fun.

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1. Beard Care Conditioner Kit

It’s taken a while, but finally, male grooming has become a lot more mainstream. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of the fact that men should take care of their looks, and care about it as much as women do. Beards have certainly made a comeback, too, and this complete beard conditioning kit is just what beard-havers need. Whether he already takes good care of his facial hair or you want to give him a little hint, this kit contains a wash, conditioner, oil, balm, and calm.

2. Heated Razor

Some men might like to neatly groom their beards, but others would rather be clean-shaven. The ultimate pleasure is a wet shave, but who has the time or money for that all the time? Fortunately, an alternative is here – the GilletteLabs Heated Razor. You get all the pleasure of a hot towel on your face with the convenience of a daily shave. This waterproof razor can even be used in the shower and heats to 110 or 120 degrees for a smooth, warm shave that makes a great Christmas present for him.

3. Smart Pack Travel Set

For the man who likes to travel, packing smartly is one of the biggest challenges. If you’ve caught him just trying to shove items wherever they might fit, make it easier on him with this travel kit. The packing cubes and bags are designed to save space and keep everything organized. There are three different sized, expandable bags for clothes, plus a shoe bag, toiletries bag, electronics bag and document wallet with RFID security. Packing for a weekend away will never be the same again.

4. Personalized Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is always useful, whether you’re having a quiet few drinks or a high-energy party. Instead of relying on cheap bottle openers, why not gift him something personalized that he can keep for longer and use again and again? These personalized bottle openers mean you can add his name to make it extra special, whether it’s really his name or you want to choose a nickname or pet name. Made from thick stainless steel, these bottle openers are a nice, solid weight in your hand, and they’re designed to last too.

5. Sunglasses with headphones

What if sunglasses could also be headphones? Well, they can be with Bose Frames audio sunglasses. These cool frames have built-in speakers, so the wearer gets rich sound – but no one else has to listen. They connect to the Bose Connect app and can be used with the Bose AR audio augmented reality platform. They’re super stylish, but they’re not just for looks. They also block up to 99% of UVA and UVB rays to provide protection from the sun, and there are polarized options available too.

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6. A Briefcase

Briefcases might seem like something that has been left in the ’80s, but this is no ordinary briefcase. If you want a gift for a modern man who needs a way to carry everything from his laptop to a change of clothes for the weekend, the Dryden Briefcase is a stylish option. More like a satchel than a traditional briefcase, it has a shoulder strap and handles, plus a 14L capacity to fit plenty of stuff inside. It’s water-repellent and abrasion-resistant too, to make it long-lasting.

7. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Whether he’s flying somewhere for the weekend or just wants to have something in case of emergency, these kits are perfect for cocktail lovers. TSA-approved, you can make two cocktails from each kit, making them perfect for a mile-high date. Buy a bundle of three kits, and it gives you the ingredients to make an Old Fashioned, gin and tonic, and Moscow Mule. He’ll always have a handy little cocktail kit available when there’s something to celebrate.

8. A vintage camera

In case you haven’t noticed, everything old is new again. The Instax camera from Fujifilm combines double the nostalgia, printing instant photos from a vintage-style camera. This little camera packs a lot into its small size, with automatic flash adjustment, double exposure mode, and macro mode. Bulb mode even lets you capture a light trail for all your hipster photo, Instagram-friendly needs. You can buy the camera with photo paper, so it’s ready to use anywhere and everywhere.

9. Personalized Leather Belt

A good belt can be worth its weight in gold. It needs to look stylish and do a good job of holding pants in place too. A leather belt is a great choice for something that will always look sleek, whether it’s worn with a suit or casual shorts. A personalized belt adds that special touch, with both a choice of colors and laser-engraved monogrammed initials too. It even comes in a beautiful wooden box.

10. Personalized Pocket Knife

If you know a man who enjoys the rugged life in his spare time (or maybe full-time), a multi-tool or pocket knife will always come in handy. With all sorts of little tools, it can be used to do everything from opening a bottle of wine to building an outdoor shelter. Personalize a pocket knife, and you can also make it a special keepsake that he’ll love to carry out.

Surprise him with a great accessory during the holidays, so he can not only enjoy his weekends but every other day of the week too.

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