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Quick Fixes for Your Home

Quick Fixes for Your Home
Image by Lena Lindell from Pixabay

Some people don’t ever really get to grips with the “DIY admin” of being a homeowner. And that’s fine. After all, the general day-to-day maintenance of a property is actually an all-encompassing undertaking that requires thought, determination, and even the proper tools and skills for quick fixes. 

If you live in a house to which little attention has been paid, we have some considerations that could provide you with some quick fixes for your home. 

Can you smell that?

Houses aren’t static things that sit still without any noise or action. They are active, loud, dingy places that need constant attention. If you’ve noticed a smell in the air, which isn’t altogether unpleasant but definitely isn’t winning any prizes for the scent of the year, your laundry may be the cause (see how to clean out your dryer vent). 

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Pay attention to your washer and dryer. They are in more or less constant daily use, and they are not perfect. Leaks, overheating, rattling parts, and jamming doors are all symptomatic of an aging machine that could spell disaster (think of fires and small explosions) if you don’t sort things out sooner rather than later. If you are unsure, get someone in. Sorting out that funny smell in the air could avert a much greater problem down the line!

Home security 

Home security is something many people overlook. They think it is expensive and difficult to install and that there will be codes to remember and probably people to call when the alarm goes off unexpectedly. 

Sidestep the entire issue with a video doorbell. These ingenious devices do exactly what they say on the box. They are doorbells with an onboard camera. Whenever someone comes near your property, you can see them through the corresponding app on your phone. 

Thieves aren’t full morons. They know some stuff. They know how to target houses that offer the least resistance. When your home is equipped with a video doorbell, you are way more likely to be discounted as a potential target. They even look modern and snazzy (the doorbells, not the robbers).

Cavity wall insulation 

Fed up of your winter fuel bills looking like your energy provider has clearly mistaken the power lines to your property with the cables lighting the laser show atop the Eiffel Tower? 

Again, you can sidestep the issue (to a greater extent) of coughing up the funds for your winter fuel bill by investing in cavity wall insulation. It’s fast, it’s easy, and the tradespeople fitting your home will likely be in and out on the same day. The results are outstanding.

Basically, your home will stay warmer for longer. You may still need to heat your home in the early hours of the evening, but you can look forward to switching it off much earlier and enjoying the heat for much longer where your walls are stuffed with insulation. It makes no sense to keep pumping out the heat at extra cost. Keep the heat in and cut your bills. 

These are just a few quick fixes that you can do yourself. Keep your house in good repair and it will save you money in the long run.

Featured Image by Lena Lindell from Pixabay

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