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The New Gastronomy: Pairing Vape Juices with Food and Drink

Some of you may have gone to a wine and cheese tasting before. This is a classic pairing of flavors that has been around for literally centuries. And most of you probably know by now the rule of red wine for red meat and white wine for white meat. Pairing food and drink together is a classic and time-honored tradition, and getting it right undoubtedly makes for a better all around eating and drinking experience.

What is an absolutely new and exciting addition to the equation is to include Vape and vape juices into the mix. Traditional tobacco-based products weren’t really viable for this, because, while there are definitely huge variations in types of tobacco, the flavor was always something neutral, and also, for various reasons, smoking was generally something you did after a meal, not during it. This is beginning to change with vape, however.

Let’s start with one of the more common classes of vape juice flavors; the fruity realm. In this case, for example, if one were eating red meat, we would recommend something maybe in a blueberry or blackberry, nothing too citric (citrus based vape juices would be better with fish or veg dishes). For chicken, there are lots of possibilities, but for example, a banana, mango or coconut flavored juice could be a smash hit. Coconut also pairs beautifully with certain fish such as bass, salmon, snapper, grouper, etc. or most kinds of seafood like scallops, shrimp, prawns, crab, lobster, etc.

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Of course, just as you can pair drink with food and vape with food, you can also pair vape with drink. There are lots of possibilities here, but something in a nice peach or berry flavor, for example, usually goes smashingly good with a nice pint of your local IPA. For darker beers, you might want to go with a more tobacco-flavored vape, like a RY4, whose bite would perfectly complement say a nice dark thick Guinness. For lagers and other blond beers, perhaps something sweeter from the candy line.

Finally, I have saved the best part for last. You can use the flavor of the vape to substitute something you want the taste of without the consequences. This means, you can use a booze flavored vape to get the taste of your whisky, colada, mojito etc. without having to worry about drinking and driving, or next day’s hangover. You could also get flavored vapes to give you all the guilty pleasure tastes of cakes, candy, and other sugary yummy treats without having to worry about the calories or the blood sugar or any of that.

Enjoy your vape, food and drink together responsibly!

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