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The Effects of Past Life Memories On Being Stuck in Your Daily Patterns

Did you know that your current addictions might have direct relations to your past? We get caught up so much in the daily matters of our mundane lives, we almost always forget to talk to our inner selves. It may be a strange concept, however some people believe that memories from your past lives can affect your daily lives today.

How to be more in touch with yourself?

This can be as little as checking in with yourself and spending some set time being mindful with yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling and explore the reasons for those feelings. Sometimes you might need to delve a little deeper and you can get help with that from spiritual guides and therapists.

What is past life regression?

Have you ever wanted to discover more about who you were in a past life? We learn and grow throughout our lifetimes and it is thought that past life memories can be preventing you breaking cycles today. Past life regression therapy is a way of entering you into a theta brainwave state which allows you to access information and memories from the lives you’ve lived before. You can find out more on past life regression at pastliferegressionqhht.com.

How does it work?

A therapist guides you into hypnosis until you are in a light, trance-like state. You focus on your breathing and visualise calming imagery. Then you are guided to visualise your past experiences and helped to understand them. You are asked questions to invoke hidden memories and bring them to the surface. Most people are very receptive to this kind of therapy but it can take some time to draw out all of your experiences.

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Discover the positives and negatives

When discovering your past lives you will find both positive and negative experiences. With the positive experiences, you can build and improve on qualities and traits you find and use what we have in this life.

But you should not be afraid of the negative experiences. By exposing this pain and negativity you have been holding on to and help you to understand and release it. By doing this you can break away from daily patterns that are holding you back in your everyday life.

Moving on to the future

Once you have been enlightened on your past experiences, you’ll be ready to look forward to the future. By implementing changes in your life, letting go of negative experiences and embracing the positives you will feel confident and energized.

During your therapy or exploring your inner self, you may be able to get a glimpse of who you will or can be. This can be very inspiring and help you to make the changes in order to get you to the places you have seen yourself in.

Living a more positive life

You can move forward and become a better person by listening to yourself and letting go of bad experiences both in this life and in your past lives. Continue learning more about yourself, who you are, and who you want to become. Become more positive in body and mind and continue to listen to yourself, be more mindful and make time for your spiritual health.

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