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One of the Most Exclusive London Casinos

London is considered by many to be one of the finest cultural and entertainment hubs throughout the world. The whole city is full of sights and sounds to suit any taste, with millions visiting the British capital each year. Full of history, and pomp, London is also home to many world heritage sites like Westminster Abbey, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, and of course the Tower of London.

One aspect of London that often dips under the radar it the amount of high-end  casinos dotted about the city. In fact since the 1800’s London has housed some of the best casinos anyone could find in the world, and this is mainly due to the rich history London enjoys with private gaming.

Some of the oldest casinos in the world can be found in London, and with them comes the exclusivity you would expect from such establishments. Most of these casinos require you to be a member and they still enforce a strict dress code.

If you take one example say The Colony Club situated in Park Lane, although it is not one of London’s oldest casinos this contemporary build echoes the age of romance with its streamlined contours. The Colony definitely has an unique style which creates the perfect atmosphere for all of its patrons.

With over twenty gaming tables offering traditional games like Blackjack, American Roulette, and Three Card Poker, the main, recently refurbished main floor is now home to bespoke furniture  in dark mahogany, brass, and cream leather upholstery which simply oozes luxury.

Patrons of the Colony club will find electronic roulette  terminals connected to the live roulette games, and there are also Jackpot slots on site that offer a 94% payout, with a PJP slots of up to £20,000.

The Colony Club is open 24/7, and houses an opulent private gaming room, as well as a new gaming lounge where clients can game in total privacy if that is their wish.

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The Colony Club also offers online casino games like live roulette, blackjack, three card poker and baccarat.

If you can’t manage to get to London or have no desire to become a member of one of the exclusive casinos there are numerous quality online casinos that deliver all of the most popular games straight to your computer or mobile phone.

Once more as there is a healthy competition between different sites you can pick up some really good bonuses, promotional offers, free spins and prizes.  Free spins are a great way of checking out a site to see if it appeals to your own individual needs before actually depositing any money of your own. You can check out the games on offer besides taking a look at the promotions going on at that time.

Another great way to get the feel of the casino environment is to try some of live games on offer at high quality online sites. Live games are streamed to your screen via a safe and secure link from a real casino, and feature a real live dealer or croupier, and take place in real time, and of course, there is no dress code.

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