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5 Romantic Activities to do in Fiji

Honeymooners celebrating a new life together, new couples enjoying their passionate connection and established couples celebrating an anniversary- the islands of Fiji is the most romantic place in the world to do so. Trying new things with a partner, no matter which stage your relationship is in, builds trust and strengthens your bond. Come to the land of adventure, and take your relationship to new heights with these romantic activities in Fiji.

  1. Horseback Riding on the Beach

horses 325219 640 - 5 Romantic Activities to do in FijiRiding along side your loved one on a white sand beach with the breeze on your skin is what love stories are made of! You don’t have to be an experienced rider; your professional guides will show you the reins. The tame horses will take you on a relaxing ride so you can take in the picturesque scenery. Sync up with animal loving groups like Fiji Coral Coast Horse Riding Adventures, or ask your resort to sort you out. 

  1. Hike through a Hidden Rainforest

nature 1367681 640 - 5 Romantic Activities to do in FijiFiji is an eco-friendly couple’s dream! The lush, unspoiled forests are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’ll spot exotic animals, beautiful flowers, and trees as tall as the sky! You can enjoy a leisurely stroll with the soft forest floor under your feet, or go on a rainforest trek to find natural swimming pools and secret waterfalls to splash around in together.

  1. Scuba or Snorkel in Crystal Water

divers 681516 640 - 5 Romantic Activities to do in FijiIf you’ve always dreamed of swimming amongst a school of brilliantly colored fish or elegant manta rays, Fiji is the place to check this off your bucket list! With dozens of tiny islands home to gorgeous reefs teeming with magical underwater sea life, there is always something to see. Hold hands as you snorkel near the shore, or get your adrenaline pumping by scuba diving into the depths.

  1. Kayaking Adventures

kayaking 1149886 640 - 5 Romantic Activities to do in FijiLovers from around the world come to explore into the glittering waters of the Fiji islands! Hop in a kayak to uncover hidden coves, and gorgeous sea life. Working together as a team is a beautiful way to bond with the one you love. Whether you cruise around on the open ocean, or dip in-between large rocks, this is an experience you and your loved one will remember for years to come.

  1. Have an Intimate Dinner on the Beach

candles 666633 640 - 5 Romantic Activities to do in Fiji

After a day of making memories, you and your partner can take enjoy a sunset dinner on the beach. Candles twinkling, waves crashing and the freshest seafood around sets the tone for a evening of passionate conversation without any interruptions.

To make these activities even more romantic, take the pressure off by staying at an all-inclusive resort where these activities are included. Resorts like Namale Resort & Spa offer you the total package including gorgeous rooms with serene views, exotic dining made with local ingredients, and staff who are delighted to help tailor your vacation to be as romantic as you desire! Come for experiences you’ll never forget with the person you’ll be with forever.

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