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Military Chic: The Evolution of Military Gear as Fashion

Some of us are old enough to remember when the first army surplus stores opened in our neighborhoods and towns. They were basic bare bones affairs, usually in not exactly the nicest parts of town. They were usually kind of dimly lit inside and had heaps of stuff thrown everywhere.

People went to these places because they needed good gear for cheap. Customers were typically either blue-collar workers looking for gear that would stand up to the rigors of their work environments, or the punk crowd, who in those days often lived on the street or in squats. It was all about function over fashion. But could it be that these days function has actually become the new fashion?

Travel has become much easier with inexpensive flights because of cheaper oil prices, more competition, and simply more desire to travel. Destinations and companies continue to pop up to meet this growing demand. That means more specialized trips in interesting places are more of a norm. Short ski trips, fly-fishing trips, paintball outings, survival courses are just a few. Even just a camping trip is easier these days with rentals for camper vans to set up in incredible national parks. I know plenty of groups at the campsite are there for a short of natural experience in the woods and they have all of the latest gear to make their experience more pleasant.

If you stop to think about it, fashion has been getting more and more practical, especially since the 1990s rolled around. Even things like the definition of dressy and casual have shifted a lot over the decades. And think back to the elaborate women’s hairstyles of the early and mid 1960’s, or the crazy excesses of the 80’s. Today’s looks are not as elaborate or cumbersome.

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Of course, the ultimate in functional clothing has to be that which is designed for the military. This stuff means business, whether it’s for cold weather, hot weather, resistant to sandstorms, camo, whatever. Military 1st has you covered in the best way possible.

And the good news is that you no longer have to go to the dingy local army surplus store anymore. Nowadays you can order online in the comfort of wherever you may wish to be at that moment, and instead of having to hunt through piles of surplus for your size, you just choose it from a menu. Military gear has definitely gone up-market.

Lots of designer stores now carry military apparel as part of their repertoire, but I found a cheaper alternative here, which specializes in only military apparel, but has a truly dazzling array of options for you to choose from. Military 1st has everything from clothing to backpacks, camping gear, eyewear, they even have things like grenade cases, which are useful for storing other things besides grenades of course.

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So if you want something at a great price that will last you forever and never go out of style, you should check out getting some military-grade apparel today. Your wallet will thank you and the rest of you will be happy too!

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