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Wohven is Changing the T-Shirt Game with Subscription Service

wohven graphic t shirts
Photo courtesy of wohven.com

Ever struggle to find the perfect t-shirt while shopping, or worse, struggle to find the perfect t-shirt in your own closet? It can be hard to keep your wardrobe fresh enough that you don’t get sick of your own collection of t-shirts. Quality shirts are also usually pricey, so it can be hard to build up a stock of awesome shirts. Wohven is attempting to make this all easier with a t-shirt subscription service.

How it works

Wohven has two different subscription options: blank tees for $7 a month, or graphic tees for $11 a month. Once you sign up for a subscription, your shirts will start rolling in around the first of every month. The best part, besides the quality, is the tees are a surprise. It’s exciting to see a new t-shirt design arrive every month. You can cancel this subscription any time with no strings attached, which is a rarity among subscription services of all kinds these days.

The Shirts

I tried out these shirts to see if they hold up to my high standards when it comes to what I wear. I tried out five different shirts, two of them had prints and the other three were blank. The prints weren’t overly large or uncool. I was first impressed by the quality of the fabric. It was soft and it really felt nice while wearing it. For such a low price, the quality of fabric is positively surprising.

The Fit

The fit was true to size. I’m a 5’ 8” guy, and the medium size fit my frame well. It’s refreshing to know something ordered online will fit just as you expected.

The Wash

wohven graphic t shirts
Photo courtesy of wohven.com

After the fabric testing, I put the shirts up for my next trial: washing and drying. The blank shirts seemed to shrink only a little bit when washed and dried. Since the fit started out great, the washing and drying didn’t prove to be any cause for concern. No one should be worried about the shirts shrinking an entire size or anything like that.

The printed shirts washed and dried quite well also. Usually graphics on shirts that are poor quality will rip, fold, or fade out when washing and drying. Wohven’s graphics stood up, though.

Overall, Wohven proves to be a promising subscription service. With the holidays just around the corner, this would make a fantastic gift for any guy. I was impressed with the quality and will definitely be rocking these shirts in my everyday life.