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Maintaining The Life/Work Balance

The traditional logic goes that at work, you work: having fun and socialising is for when you’re on your time. But the nature of work is changing, and if you can get called up or asked to answer an email when you’re at home, then you can get your bottom dollar that you can bring an inch of your social life with you to the office. Of course, you might want to make sure your work isn’t suffering – but there’s no reason to leave the fun at the front door at the morning!

Post-Work Drinks

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see your work colleagues when they’re not so stiff? Don’t worry, by the end of this list you’ll have implemented enough new work rules that everyone will be having more fun, but while they’re taking shape, why not introduce post-work drinks once a week and unwind with your employees all as one? It fosters strong office skills and gives you a chance to get to know your colleagues in realm that isn’t dominated by meetings and targets and the like.

The Small Victories

You work hard. You know it, your boss knows it. So when you’re taking a break throughout the day, you should be able to spend it doing whatever you like – only you’re not really “allowed”. With securethoughts, you’ll be able to find a VPN that hides your location and opens up Facebook again if it has been blocked by your IT administrators. You can also download an application that turns your Twitter feed into a spreadsheet, so everyone will think you’re working on the latest figures when in fact you’re following Donald Trump’s latest rant!

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Nothing but Bin

A small but really fun way to add a smile to your day is to make the most of all the wastepaper you have. Putting it straight into a recycling bin? Oh no, there’s much more fun to be had! Add a basketball style hoop around the top and see how many points you can rack up in a single day. Hey, you’ll do whatever it takes to have fun when it comes to monday morning!

Fun Boards

Who says that every drawing board has to be used just for work announcements? At work, introduce new ideas through the use of a good old cork board and pins. Daily jokes, funny stories, thought provoking articles and the like all provide good chatter fodder when energy and momentum in the office is running low. They’ll also get your creative juices flowing, and who knows where they’ll take you?

Spontaneous Good Times

Really, you will only get out of work what you put in. As such, you should be making it your mission to really bring a fun and positive attitude to the office. If you turn up with a defeatist attitude, then what do you really think will happen? Try and inject smiles, humor, and good times into your day and you’ll find people really respond. The office jester might just be your calling in life!