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The Best Travel Destinations In Central America

The lush green belt that separates North and South America is rich with some of the world’s most incredible travel destinations. It is an area chock-full of natural beauty, bucket-list opportunities and no-filter Instagram shots. But to make your planning a little bit easier, listed below are some of the must see places in Central America. Enjoy.

  1. Hummingbird Highway

This is one of the most staggering drives anywhere in the world. Winding its way through Belize, this road takes you through vibrant jungles and orchards rich with citrus fruit, before leading you up the northern reaches of the Maya mountains. Here each corner offers you some of the most breathtaking views ever caught on camera, your heart occasionally skipping as you soar past a series of lost caves before rumbling through some of the quaintest villages you’ve ever imagined. Of course, you’ll want to stop along the way, and so we recommend you try cave tubing where you’ll experience a guided tour like no other.

  1. Monteverde / Santa Elena

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You’ve no doubt heard of rainforests, but have you ever come across a cloud-forest. If not, head to Costa Rica to experience one of the most adoringly preserved cloud-forests anywhere. Whether you are new to the backpack or well-versed in magnificent experiences, the pretty strip between the Quaker settlement of Monteverde and the Tico village of Santa Elena is sure to live long in your heart, as will any experience of this country. And if it’s budget you worried about, you could always volunteer in Costa Rica and see this part of the world that way. You have no excuse to please your soul.

  1. The Bay Islands

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Honduras often get’s a bad reputation, but the Bay Islands are home to some of the best snorkelling and diving experiences in the whole of Central America. This is because they are located on a the vibrant Mesoamerican Reef, which is only second to the Great Barrier Reef in terms of size. You could spend days in the water here and never get bored; there is just too much marine life to see. From fish to corals, this is a must see for anyone who loves the stillness of being below the sea.

  1. Tikal

Located in Guatemala, the ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal are one of the seven wonders of the modern world. It is a truly magnificent place. Found in the north, it’s tall and steep temples are different from its more famous cousins – such as those of Copan and Chichen Itza – and that is because Tikal is found deep in in the jungle. Of course, a lot of the rainforest has been cleared to allow restoration works to be completed on the temples, but walking from ancient temple to another still requires walking under thick canopies alive with wildlife.

  1. Ruta De Las Flores

A travellers favourite is this twisting route found in El Salvador. Not only is it rich with history, such as coffee plantations, it is also a hive of activity. Whether you want to take it steady and enjoy a long lazy weekend of traipsing through galleries and feasting on gorgeous local foods or taking on the more strenuous activities of horse-riding and mountain biking and trekking, this stretch is a must-see location. It has something for everyone, from hidden waterfalls to brightly coloured towns.

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