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More Tech Gadgets for Men in 2016

Each year throws mouth-watering gadgets at us, increasing the difficulty in making the right purchase decisions.  Not to worry though, we have rounded up some of the most interesting gadgets you should have. Start your purchases from here!

SoundBot HD Water-Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

When it comes to Portable Bluetooth Speakers, this product smashes the roof. It is the perfect option for OTG media consumption. This is a durable and inexpensive indoor/outdoor speaker with handsfree controls covering everything for song skipping to power and volume. Perhaps most importantly, the device works seamlessly with just about anything you can throw at it from iOS devices to Android devices.  As long as there is Bluetooth compatibility on the gadget, the speaker will connect just fine.

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth - More Tech Gadgets for Men in 2016


If you have been thinking of a big TV upgrade, this is the option you should go for. “LG surprised us with this flat 4K UHD OLED just before the end of 2015” says JNB the TV aerial installers. “It features stunning contrast, outstanding colour, perfect black levels and has HDR, a type not seen on any other TVs.  It is the best TV option if you are looking for a truly exceptional viewing experience”.

August Smart Keyless Lock

With this high tech product, you can fortify and manage entry to your home from just your smartphone. The technology works on both iOS and Android.

With it, you will be able to enjoy keyless entry into your home. You don’t have to rip out your standard locks to use it of course but it once you experience the convenience it offers, you will forget you have locks on your doors.

With this smart keyless lock, you have full control of people who have access to your home and you can determine how long the access with last. You no longer have to home to open the door for a visitor or drop keys for them with the neighbour. Good thing is you can take away the permission granted to them at any point if you change your mind before they make it to your house.  Additionally, the system sends you alerts as soon as the guest arrives and after they leave!

Cashmere-Lined Leather Smartphone Gloves

This pair of men’s gloves will appeal to stylish men. It features a professional design and is specially treated to work with smartphone and tablet screens.  Of course such gloves have been around for some time but these ones look high quality and are extremely professional. If you are a great dresser, you should definitely have this in your collection.

If you are looking for additions to your gadget collection, these are good places to start looking.

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