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7 Home Security Tips to Keep Safe

Home Security Tips
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7 Home Security Tips to Keep Your New House Safe

The time you spent searching for the perfect plot of land and the ideal house to turn into a home should certainly not go to waste. Even if you’ve chosen the safest possible neighborhood, it’s only natural to want to go that extra mile in keeping your investment, your home, and all of your assets safe, in addition to keeping your family out of harm’s way. Considering the crumbling economy for most of the world, and the existing crime statistics show that there’s a burglary every 26 seconds, you don’t want to make your home appear like easy prey.  We have 7 critical Home Security Tips to help keep your home safe from burglary. 

However, in addition to typical break-ins and theft, there are other security risks that your home might be riddled with. To contribute fully to the security of your home, you first need to understand your role in the process. Without further ado, let’s tackle the critical home security tips to keep your new house safe, and above all, to ensure your family is taken care of and protected at all times.

Your mail could be a source of weakness.

A crammed mailbox is an invitation telling the entire world that you’re away, which is a perfect chance for any intruder to try and break into your house. Sometimes, prevention comes from the simple choices you make and the way you communicate with your neighbors. So, instead of letting the mail start overflowing in your mailbox, ask your friendly neighbors to take the mail while you’re traveling.

If you’re new to the neighborhood and you’re not comfortable asking for a favor, you can head to your local post office and ask them to hold your mail until you return.

Landscaping in the service of safety

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If you’re up for a gardening project to boost the appeal of your backyard, you can use that time to also add to the safety of your new home. Before you rush to add to many thick and overgrown shrubs to your garden, consider that too much of a good thing can lead to further risk: if your home is concealed too well with shrubbery, it becomes an inviting place for a burglar to hop right in.

Instead, you can choose a few smarter options such as rosebushes that have thorns, but aren’t too concealing by nature – so you’ll end up having a well-trimmed rose garden that simultaneously deters intruders due to its sharp thorns. Add a few thorny plants right below your windows, and you’ll reduce the risk of intrusion there, too.

Keeping your firearms safely stored

In this day and age, many a gentleman knows how to handle a firearm, and owns one at home. While this is a worthy investment that can make the difference between keeping your family safe or losing many valuables in a burglary, you should also be extremely smart when handling and storing your firearm at home. For one, you should keep your gun and your bullets stored separately, in places only you can access – so that your children can never reach them and get hurt.

Before you make your decision, educate yourself, and evaluate your options with the help of gun cabinet reviews online to see the best make and model for your firearm of choice. The budget shouldn’t be your only concern, since you need the kind of storage that can safely fit your weapon and last a very long time, hence the need to check for your options. Then, you can keep your firearm securely stored, and should it come to it, you’ll be able to keep your home safe without jeopardizing your family.

Smart lighting in your backyard

A single decision in your pursuit of security can give you a multitude of benefits for your lifestyle and comfort. Many modern families opt for building a smart home from the ground up, but even if that’s not something you’d enjoy, you can selectively choose a few smart options that will increase your security manifold. This is where motion-activated LED lights come into play, as the go-to solution for home security, and a brilliant solution for eco-friendly outdoor lighting.

These smart lighting systems help deter burglars from ever trying to break into your home since staying undetected is virtually not an option. If you reside in a rural area and expect all kinds of creatures and critters to visit your yard, this might not seem like the best of options that will get you out of bed in the middle of the night. But with proper fencing, security cameras, and of course, alarm system, the lighting will only be triggered in those extraordinary circumstances when you should pay attention.

Alarm systems for the win 

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Every modern household needs to embrace the use of security systems with a comprehensive list of preventative measures to keep your home safe and stop burglars from targeting your home.  This is something that you should consider doing some time before you move in. That way, you’ll ensure that your home is safe from day one and that you can discuss any details with your technicians to learn about the smartest ways to use your system.

Even if your cameras miss an intruder, your prickly shrubs don’t prevent them from getting into your yard, and your lighting fails, your alarm will go off and startle the intruder, which will instantly make them rush out of your home. If you go for a silent alarm, help will be on the way before you, or the intruder knows it.

Security cameras in all the right spots

Surveillance in your home isn’t an appealing option for every homeowner, but it comes with a slew of benefits one should consider thoroughly before rejecting it. For instance, simply spotting a few carefully-placed cameras is enough to make your home an unappealing opportunity for any intruder. Add to that, many families share their residence with an elderly family member, and if they are home alone, you can occasionally check to see if they are safe and well – they might not be able to pick up the phone if they fall and get hurt.

Cameras also capture video footage of anyone trying to get into your home uninvited, and that provides extremely useful evidence for the authorities when they need to pursue a criminal. So even if they manage to steal something while you’re away, the footage alone can help you reclaim your goods and ensure justice.

Door reinforcements to the rescue

Now that you have motion-activated lighting on your porch and you’ve installed a surveillance system that constantly sees what’s happening outside of your home, you can take it a step further with a few additions. To make your front door more secure for the boldest of burglars who don’t go for the windows (especially if they already have protection), a deadbolt can reduce their chances to enter your house.

A strike plate right by the deadbolt and paired with a new set of keys makes your front door much more resilient to intruders. These are relatively simple changes you can make on your own if you own the right gear, or you can trust a handyman to handle these changes for you, especially if you’ve chosen a specific model that requires professional tools.

From modifying your behavior and how you treat certain aspects of your home, all the way to installing advanced security measures, you can rest assured that your home can withstand many different security risks and keep your valuables safe. Most importantly of all, these security upgrades will put your mind at ease when it comes to raising your family in a safe and secure environment, and help you enjoy all the beautiful amenities you’ve built to increase the comfort of your new abode. Now that you have these Home Security Tips I hope you feel better about protecting your home!

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