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How to Apply Football Helmet Decals Without Fear

How to Apply Football Helmet Decals Without Fear
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Let’s face it; football is an amazing and fun to watch sport! That’s what makes it exciting. It’s all about the energy, the teamwork, and the Sport Decals that make it a lot easier for us to distinguish the players! But how do you choose the perfect helmet decals, and what is the proper way to apply them?

Wearing sports equipment is a must, especially when it comes to football. This is a super exciting sports game, but you can get seriously injured if you’re not dressed properly. Helmets and shoulder pads, gloves, and other equipment types are mandatory to keep you safe while playing, but who says we can not have some fun and customize it?

You’ve probably seen this trend already while watching popular teams play football. They all have the same decals on their helmets and some of them on their shirts, too. The decals are also becoming the team’s pride, something that represents them and their teamwork.

Where to place the decal

They are becoming more and more popular when it comes to fans, too! That’s just one reason why the team should pay special attention to choosing their helmet decal’s design: a lot of their fans will wear those too! 

Ok, we have the perfect design, we have our helmet – what should we do next? This is a rather simple question. 

You start by ensuring that the helmet is clean and does not have dirt or dust particles on its surface. Then, you should wipe it with a clean towel or a paper tissue. Now it’s time to decide where the decal should be placed.

Most of the players have the decal placed two inches from the top of the helmet’s ear hole, but that’s not a given. As long as your teammates agree, you can place the decal wherever you want, but be sure it’s easy to be seen, just so your fans could recognize you easily.

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Placing the decal

How do you make sure that it’s fixed in that position? Well, you should start by pressing a small portion in the center of the decal, so it will get glued on the helmet’s surface. Then, little by little, you should start pressing the decal to the helmet, from the center to the exterior of it.

If the decal is not applied properly, it will buckle up, or there will be air stuck in between the decal and the helmet’s surface. First, if the decal starts buckling, you should lift the decal gently, pull it a little bit so it could straighten up then try to apply it again, slowly. When it comes to air bubbles, going with your thumb all over the decal should be enough to smoothen the surface and remove those air bubbles, but if it’s not, then you should try and reapply it.

The decal has a strong glue inside that will allow you to reapply it if needed. After you have successfully glued the decal, it should last for quite a while! There, you have your team’s pride in front of your eyes, the helmet decal that is going to take you to the top and represent your team in all the football games that you are going to have!

Ready to go

Wear it proudly, and don’t worry about it peeling off. This will never happen if you’ve followed our step-by-step guide! Nowadays, sport decals are made to stand the test of time, and they don’t wear off that easily. They are made to be waterproof and easy to clean, and they also keep their shiny design for a long time, making them stand out in the rays of the sun, even when you’re running!

Your fans will be proud to wear them, too, as those sports decals have become proof of supporting their favorite athletes! They are surely going to show off to their friend, wearing the same decals that their football team is wearing! Talk about commitment!

So, if you’re looking for a redesign of your team’s logo, don’t worry about the helmet’s sports decal! To make your logo stand out more, place the decal in an easy-to-see spot and design it with bright colors! Follow the steps we have presents above, and you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to applying the decal.

Don’t be nervous and try it again if it didn’t come out as you want it! You will make it for sure!

Featured Image from WikiImages on Pixabay

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