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How to Grow Your Attention by Playing Darts Games

To be successful at playing darts, you need to have great attention skills. You can’t just look at the dartboard and throw a dart in its direction. Otherwise, you’ll end up either hitting the surrounding wall or one of the single value areas on the dartboard. You need to be able to direct your complete attention toward the area of the dartboard that you want to hit with the dart. Nothing else should be in your mind other than that as you’re about to throw the dart. As you continue to play darts with this in mind, you will find that your attention skills will increase gradually.

Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Attention by Playing Darts Games

To help you grow your attention skills while playing darts games, below are 5 tips that you can follow to help you set your mind right before each dart throw.

1) Positive Mindset

If you’re always thinking about the worst possible outcome, then it will likely happen. Negative thinking creates stress and will cause you to lose focus. You need to maintain a positive mindset because that will make you determined to strike the area of the dartboard that you want to hit and nothing else will be on your mind other than that. Most of all, it will build your confidence and make you feel relaxed when you throw each dart. This will increase your chances of successfully hitting your target.

2) Practice Meditation

Believe it or not, you can incorporate meditation into a darts game. The basic idea behind meditation is clearing your mind of all other thoughts and just focusing on one object. So, in a darts game, clear your mind of everything going on around you and only focus on that one dartboard in front of you. Try practicing traditional meditation first to get better at this. Then, think of darts as a more advanced form of meditation where you have to mentally block out sounds and thoughts at the same time. If you can master this, then you master your attention skills. 

3) Learn from Others

If you go to a darts blogging website, they are usually filled with posts on how to throw darts properly and increase your precision. It never hurts to keep getting advice from other darts players who may have more experience than you. Think of it as a type of continuing education where you learn new tips and tricks to fine-tune your focus during a darts game. As you practice these tips, you may find that you can use them in other ways in real life scenarios as well.

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4) Practice

The more time you spend playing darts, the more you will grow your attention skills. This doesn’t just mean casually playing a game of darts with your friends on the weekends. You need to consistently play darts at least every other day and focus on enhancing your attention skills as you’re playing. As you start hitting more bullseyes, you will know that your attention is getting much better. But you must continue to train your attention span by consistently playing darts. If you suddenly stop for a week or a month, then you may have to retrain your attention all over again.

5) Increase the Challenge

Darts games are not always about hitting a bullseye. Certain games, like Around the Board, requires you to strike all the numbers on the board in order from 1 to 20. This will test your ability to shift your attention toward a new area for a temporary amount of time. If you are able to do this successfully, then you will be at an advanced level with your attention skills. This will especially be true if you hit each number consecutively from 1 to 20 without missing at all, or at least come close to not miss.

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