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Celebrating your anniversary in style: four top ideas

Celebrating your anniversary in style
Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Celebrating your anniversary in style: four top ideas

Relationship anniversaries are special events show your loved how much you care and love them. Anniversaries are a time to step back and let your loved one know what they mean to you through your words and actions. However, it can be complicated knowing exactly what to do. Second-guessing the lady in your life can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Continue reading for five top tips that could help you both celebrating your anniversary in style

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Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

1. Relive your early days as a couple

Think back to the moment you first laid eyes on one another or the time you first ventured out on a date. Perhaps you could arrange to revisit the same restaurant, or you could attempt to whip up the exact same meal you first shared together in your kitchen. The thought that goes into arranging something like this will mean a lot to your significant other and certainly shows that you want to show your love and keep the flame burning. Another great way of reliving your early love life is to choose a favorite photo of the two of you. Recreate that image by wearing similar clothing, posing with similar expressions on your faces, and taking the picture in the same place. Framing the two side by side can be a lovely reminder of your love and how it has grown as you both have. 

2. Buy a gift she actually wants

No, she does not want a new ironing board or a vacuum cleaner for your anniversary! Instead of something that might have her biting your head off rather than being bowled over by your imagination, spend a little more time thinking about her. Try looking for gifts for her; she’ll actually use and inject a bit of romance into your celebrations rather than buying something mundane.

3. Spend time away just the two of you

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As a couple, quality time can be challenging to arrange, especially if you are now parents (or even grandparents!) Try to organize someone who can look after the kids while you have a night or weekend away. Secretly find out where she has always longed to visit and book a hotel there for a few nights. Alternatively, encourage her to write the names of several cities or countries she hopes to see and put them into a jar. Get her to pull one out at random, without peeking, and you can do the rest of the organizing. She will know you’ll be going somewhere she wants to but won’t know exactly where – how romantic!

4. Renew your vows

To have and to hold, from this day forward… The wedding vows can mean so much to a couple. When you have been married for a significant period of time or perhaps have overcome a serious illness together, renewing your vows could be a great way to show your continued commitment to one another. Celebrating with family and friends there, declaring your status as soulmates can be a really special occasion. For some, it can even end up being preferable to the original wedding day itself.


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