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Road riders – what to look for when buying a new bike

buying a new bike

When it comes to bikes, you are in one of two camps. Not really sure what the fuss is about, or you’re utterly obsessed with all things cycle. If you’re fortunate enough to be in the latter, then you’ll understand the pressure that can come with finding the right bike. Sure, we all have our wishlist attributes – but which bike will deliver the smoothest ride and take your biking to the next level? Well that’s up to you. Before you take the leap and decide on your next bike, consider these factors.

Understand your purpose

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We’ve all been guilty of checking out that ultra-expensive, but hardly practical, bike that sits beyond the counter at the bike shop. I mean, how can you really resist? You can look all you like, but don’t fall in the trap of purchasing a bike that just looks good, and will not serve your sole function and purpose. If you’re unsure on what that may mean, let’s take a moment to consider why you desire a new bike. Think about how often you will ride the bike, where it will be ridden, and the quality level you are prepared to invest in. The coveted collection of Triban road bikes are built for pace and precision. Whereas your city bike, like the Elops collection, is going to be for recreational easy riding. Establish where you are on the spectrum, and start looking at the range that best meets your needs.

Passion or passing

There is no shame in admitting that your hobbies are enjoyable, but not the centre of your world. In fact, one of the reasons people visit Australia is to soak up that active lifestyle. The reason you need to establish this commitment level is so you can decide on what sort of money to spend. Spending over five thousand dollars on a road bike will not faze a performance rider, but it may give a recreational rider a heart attack when they learn the price. The good news? You can source a great bike for a reasonable price that will still push you to the limits, and will allow you to upgrade your bike piece by piece if your skills level up. Renowned finance gurus have even stated that a car-free bike existence is the way to live your life, benefiting your health and finances. So there are certainly worse habits to pick up.

Piece by piece

No, cycling is not about collecting pieces. But it can sometimes feel that way. Cycling must be the one sport in which your instrument is constructed piece by piece, upgraded and optimised as the bike takes new heights. So what does that mean for you? It means you can base your buying decision on the frame, suspension, wheels and contact points. Buy your model now with the best bike frame, and worry about the other parts later – or source them from a completely different provider. With cycling such a movement across the globe, it’s never been easier to build a bike with great parts.

Maintenance expectations

When you are looking for your next bike, don’t be too shy to ask about the expected maintenance regime. As a cycler, you can appreciate how things need to be replaced and tweaked when the bike is used daily and frequently pushed hard. When your bike is a key ingredient in your adrenaline-seeking hobbies, you’ll need to make sure it remains in working order. New cyclers can often be put off initially by the life of tyres and the expense that comes with maintaining your bike. New cycling policies and infrastructure continue to be pushed by Australian governments, making the practise safer and less likely to result in an incident where your bike will meet its fate.

It’s important to remember that this bike is an activity as well as a mode of transport, and you’ll always come off better when comparing to the expenses and maintenance of a car. When it comes time to you to have your bike serviced, find one that is well referred as your bike will love you for it and you can even save some money if you show your repairer loyalty.


Remember that bikes travel well. So if you are unsure on whether a good bike should be an investment you make if you are only backpacking through Australia – you can absolutely take her home with you when the time comes. When you make the choice to upgrade your bike, it’s tempting to want to buy the first shiny new one you wrap your hands around. Refrain from any snap decisions and take your time, weighing up all the components that will matter most to your unique journey and skill level as a cycler.

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