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Things You Need to Consider Before Playing Pubg First Time

Things You Need to Consider Before Playing Pubg First Time
Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Pubg, being the most popular action game of the current time, has sold more than 33 million copies last year and has crossed around 70 million sales all over the world through various platforms. Players who have been a part of the game for a long time almost got addicted to it, whereas the newbies are also excited and seem to be interested in being a part of it.

But, it is not as simple as it seems to win a chicken dinner at the end, since the game involves lots of pubg cheat and hacks, which are important to understand and know before you choose to play this battle game. Being a beginner, when you finally opt to play this game for the very first time, you should know about the basics and a few things that are important to know. In this article, we are listing below a few things that you need to consider before playing this battle game for the first time. Have a look:-

1. Understanding the point 

This is the very first thing you need to consider before playing pubg for the very first time. Being a beginner, you should understand the basics behind the game. Every shooter game can have a different goal, and so does the pubg. Survival is the main aim of this battle game. Apart from this, you should also be well prepared with your weapons and medical supplies to protect yourself as and when needed. 

2. You should know when to drop 

The pubg game starts with around 100 players on the same map. So, your first and the biggest decision is to know where and when to drop. It also helps you to determine how long you will last. 

3. Don’t forget to search for the essentials

Once you land on the battlefield, you should now start to search on building’s floors for your guns to assist you further in the battle. Guns, health kits, first aid, shotguns, weapons, and pistols are some of the essentials that you should have in your stock once landed on the battlefield. 

4. Pick your fights

Along with being aware of your surroundings, you should also know when to fight. So, if someone is trying to attack you even from a distance, you should choose to run away instead of fighting with him. Don’t use your weapons/ gun unnecessarily if you feel it’s out of range. 

5. Always stay in the safe zone. 

Like various other royal battle games, pubg also has various zones, including a safe zone, a red zone, and a life-threatening danger zone. The safe zone is marked by blue color on the map, whereas the red zone appears when survival is getting difficult. 

6. Playing with friends 

Being a beginner or playing pubg for the first time, you must consider playing it with your friends, since it is the best way to prevent yourself from getting harmed. By playing with your friends, you can get yourself revived once you are knocked down. This way, you can survive in the game for a long time too. 

7. Don’t forget to watch your replays

Last but not least, this is yet another important thing that you must consider before playing pubg for the first time. You should make sure that you learn something by watching your replays right from seeing yourself from learning and how other players on the battlefield are performing in several situations. 

Watching replays like this will certainly assist you in getting a deep insight into the game. It will further help you to play better the next time since you will now be acquainted with the terms and rules of the game. You just need to ensure that you get something to learn with these replays, as they are certainly going to help you the next time when you choose to play this awesome royale battle game with your friends or other players in the game. 

To Conclude

With the above points, it is very clear that being a beginner might be difficult, but if you consider the above-mentioned things properly before playing pubg for the first time, you will love playing it. 

Featured Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

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