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Photo by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
Photo by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

The Art of Manliness often has great articles for those aspiring to be better men.  They just put one up on loyalty.  Here’s a snippet: “Like courage, integrity, and personal responsibility, loyalty is one of the essential manly virtues. But like other lofty attributes, it is often easier to describe with examples than words. We know it in the soldier who will not leave a wounded comrade behind and dodges withering fire to bring the man to safety. We see it embodied in the prominent man who has women throw themselves at him when away from home, but who never strays from his wife, and in the religious martyr who chooses death over the disavowal of faith. And it is the bond that befuddles girlfriends who cannot understand why their beau is still friends with a childhood chum with whom he now seemingly shares little in common.”  Definitely worth a read as a reminder of a virtue often forgotten by modern men.

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