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Benefits of Medical Scribe Services for your Practice

Benefits of Medical Scribe Services for your Practice
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If you are in the medical field, you know all too well the amount of work that goes into the billing process. The medical space can be demanding, between trying to see patients on time and the paperwork backing up, and of course, the plethora of regulations. Your practice might be starting, and you do not have enough patients yet to hire someone to handle the administrative tasks. Provider’s Choice Scribe Services might be the perfect fit. Now is the time to investigate hiring a scribe’s services. Many scribe service companies offer in-person or virtual services allowing your practice to scale up or down on the resource mix that suit your needs. This allows small practices to hire a highly qualified scribe part-time or a growing practice to flex up incrementally as they take on more patients. 

What is a Medical scribe?

Over the years, the medical scribe job description has evolved to be a true partner within the practice. The scribe works alongside the healthcare provider to:

  • Enhance the delivery of care
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Overall improve the team’s efficiency

The scribe within a medical practice role assists the medical staff aiming to bolster efficiency and improve the patient experience.

The primary focus for the scribe is on reducing the clerical burden of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs); as technology has advanced and records have moved away from paper to electronic forms, it is vital the scribe keep up to date with technology to help transition the practice to one that is highly efficient, and no billing errors are affecting the profitability of the business. Finding qualified scribes and keeping up with the training needed can be cumbersome for many medical practices. This is where scribe services come to the rescue. Scribe services find and train the best scribes allowing the practice to focus on their patients while the service takes care of running the daily operations.  

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Advantages of hiring a scribe. 

The most significant advantage you will see is a better relationship between patient and provider. It frees up time doing paperwork and allows you to focus on your patient and create a personal connection. Hiring a scriber will also improve your healthcare personnel by allowing them not to focus on paperwork but the patient to develop a happy work environment. With a cheerful team on your staff equals better teamwork.  

Types of Scribers

There are two types of scribers; personal and virtual. 

In-person scribe

Personal scribes (In-person) can work alongside you at your practice. You can even have the scriber come into the exam room with the doctor and input information in real-time. An in-Person scribe is present for the exam, which allows the provider to spend less time on the computer. The doctor is focusing on the patient versus writing down notes. This removes friction between patient and doctor. The doctor has greater freedom in their schedule. The benefits of both in-person and virtual scribes are dictated by both the provider’s style and size of their practice leaving the decision between the options different for every practice. 

Virtual scribe

A virtual scriber can work from home and might be the best choice for a small office that only needs someone part-time. This will also allow the doctor to focus more on the patient. Many scribes listen in on the exam to record the interaction; some patients may be uncomfortable having others in the room. As a virtual scribe being located offsite, the patient and doctor can be alone in the exam room, giving the patient a greater sense of privacy, which is especially beneficial for those who feel uncomfortable with a third person in the room. A patient’s comfort is essential; an at ease patient will allow them to be more open, allowing the doctor more accurately diagnose, leading to the best outcome for the patient. 

Benefits of medical scribes

The benefits of medical scribes are many and are compelling when considering outsourcing this role for your practice. Many of the listed benefits below are easy to see and can help any practice thrive with a patient-focused approach.

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity
  • Better Bedside Manner
  • Improved Surge Volume Management
  • Adequate Shift Coverage 
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Rural Clinic Assistance
  • Enhanced Patient Satisfaction
  • Greater Provider Satisfaction


With the increased governmental regulations around patient care and billing being tied to the quality of care, any service that improves efficiency, increases patient and provider satisfaction, cuts costs, and generates optimal revenue is a program every practice should seriously consider implementing.

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