6 ways to boost your box jump - 6 Ways to Boost Your Box Jump

You could argue sky-high box jumps are the latest one-upmanship practice of collegiate ballers and Instagram stars. But even if you don’t have Dwayne Johnson’s follower numbers, a strong box jump is a skill worth developing. “Box jumps on their own are an amazing lower-body functional exercise,” says Richard Wilcock, a strength coach and studio owner. “You need a combo of strength and speed to achieve them, and using box jumps in a training program helps improve both.”

Because improving both strength and speed ultimately helps you develop power through your lower body, box jumps offer a crossover benefit to any number of sports. “Runners can improve their stride length, soccer players their shot power, sprinters their top speed, basketball players their jump height, and weight lifters their max squat,” Wilcock says. In other words, whatever your athletic hobby, you’re bound to become a better, more well-rounded athlete as your box jump improves. Here are the best movements to up your game.

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