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Not your Dad’s Barbershop; New Full Service Membership Plans

Not your Dad's Barbershop
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Not your Dad’s Barbershop; New Full Service Membership Plans

There was a time when it seemed like barbershops were on the verge of extinction. But that was until the entry of the hybrid barbershops, according to this New York Times article. To survive, barbers had to diversify their services to offer more than just the haircutting and beard shaving routine. Today’s trendy barbershops are “Not Your Dad’s Barbershop”.  Places like The Gents Place have altogether redefined the traditional men’s grooming experience.

The hybrid parlors have transformed into man caves where guys retreat for both grooming and socializing. Besides the typical hair removal services, clients can now enjoy refreshing massages on top of having their designer shoes cleaned. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait your turn in line before your favorite barber served you. Nowadays, you simply book your hair styling session or massages online, and you’re done.  

Not your Dad's Barbershop
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Twenty years have gone; no one would have thought that cold beers and imported wines would become a permanent feature in barbershops. What’s more, members stand to make countless savings by merely signing up for any tailor-made grooming services’ plans. This post explores the perks of choosing the full-service membership plans offered by our age’s top barbershops.

Membership Perks

Once you connect with a barber with the above combination of attributes, it’s best to take up a long-term membership plan. Each membership plan comes with its unique perks and privileges. It’s important you carefully go over the varied plans before committing to a particular option. That way, you make a truly informed decision. Some membership packages give you access to top-of-the-shelf beverages as you lounge in the barbershop’s comfy couches. Sign up as a member and get a superb networking opportunity with like-minded patrons at the hair parlor. Who knows, you might meet up with the guy who helps you develop your next big plan.

Additionally, as a member, you’ll always receive valuable discounts and promos for any grooming service received, or men’s grooming product purchased.  

Other popular perks include:

  • 12 member-for-a-day passes
  • Special events hosting
  • Standing appointments


Modern barbershops offer a wide choice of essential men’s grooming services for their clients. The core services include:-

  • Hair Cutting
  • Nail Care
  • Beard/Mustache Shave
  • Shoe Shining
  • Skin Care

Many of the leading barbershops often combine several grooming services into a one package deal. For instance, you’ll find a package that only includes a haircut, shampooing, and a neck shave, or you’ll get another plan that also includes a deep massage session on top.

Other grooming services you expect to find at any leading barbershop include:

  • Full hairline and neckline clean-up
  • Head shaves
  • Natural hair dyeing
  • Beard and mustache trims
  • Shaving for kids
  • Personal Consultation
  • Face refresher
  • Hand and scalp massages
  • Hot lather neck shaves
Full Service barbershop
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Complimentary Beverages and Snakes

Today, you’ll be shell-shocked to see the lengths barbershops go through to encourage patronage. Loyal members get to enjoy beverages like beers and imported wine. There are also delicious treats available in case the hunger pangs set in.

Men’s Pampering

Men are not exempt from pampering. Pampering is an excellent way for you to de-stress and gain confidence. Niceties like hand, neck, and scalp body massages leave you feeling reinvigorated and re-energized to take on life’s challenges. It’s no surprise that barbershops have become popular hang-out spots with guys meeting up to share cold beers. It is here that lifelong friendships develop and mature.

In Conclusion | Not your Dad’s Barbershop

Just ask any guy out there: Finding the perfect barber isn’t always a walk in the park. You’ll have to knock on a few grooming parlors’ doors before you land the right fit for your needs. Ideally, you’re interested in retaining a skilled barber with a wonderful personality. Find a barber that offers the services you need at a competitive rate. 

You can never go wrong with the grooming services of a top-rated establishment like The Gent’s Place. Here, you’re always assured of getting a professional hairstylist to give you that bold and austere shave and the haircut you’ve been dreaming of.

The finest hair parlors make it their top priority to hire respectable but friendly barbers. The leading grooming spots are continually innovating to come up with unique ways of retaining their patrons. Make sure you ask your prospective hair grooming experts about all the tailor-made membership plans and their perks before you sign up.