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Promote Your Event Anywhere!

One of the biggest problems that businesses run into when trying to market themselves is that they sometimes reach the point where it feels as though they simply can’t reach any more customers. This a fairly common issue and it often comes from a pretty simple place: far too many businesses don’t feel comfortable thinking outside the box. They get wrapped up in all of the standard and traditional marketing methods, and then they assume that there are no other options let for them to try. Of course, that’s complete and utter nonsense. There are plenty of different ways to promote your business that are unexpected, interesting and exciting. One of the best things is to take your marketing out of the normal places. Rather than relying on storefronts, leaflets and social media, take your business out into the world to promote it. Here are just a few very effective methods that can show you that it’s possible to promote your business anywhere.

Street art

What better way to really reach customers in an unexpected way than with street art? Things like murals and sidewalk chalk art are a fantastic way to grab your customer’s attention. Many people will take their walk to work or the store and are very familiar with it. So much so that they rarely take in what’s around them. This means that when they are suddenly met with some bright, exciting street art, it’s going to have that much more of an impact on them. Get in touch with designers and street artists to find the right kind of aesthetic for your business. You want it to be something that’s visually engaging as well as promotional.



Many businesses utilize things like trade shows in order to promote their business, and that’s a definitely a great idea. Trade shows offer you the chance to network directly with people as well as offering them a much more hands-on experience with your products. But don’t assume that trade shows are the only places where you can use this kind of marketing. Things like fairs, festivals and any other events are perfect for promoting your business as well. With custom pop up marquees, a handful of free samples and some charm, you can use any event to increase the visibility and promotion of your company with ease. Of course, make sure that you pick an event that fits with your company’s values and aesthetics. You wouldn’t want to be selling handmade porcelain figures at a heavy metal festival!



If you really want to make a big impression, then skywriting is a fantastic option for you. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t look up in awe when they see a message written out in the sky. It’s also something cool and unusual enough that people are pretty likely to talk about it a lot to their friends and family. So not only were you able to promote your business through the skywriting but as a result, you also benefit from a great deal of word of mouth marketing as well.

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