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How to Get Your Garage Winter-Ready

How to Get Your Garage Winter-Ready
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How to Get Your Garage Winter-Ready

You should always be prepared to change things every season. When preparing for winter, don’t just think about your home. Don’t forget about the garage as well. Your garage should be ready for the weather changes that are coming your way. Getting everything ready for winter might be simple, but they’re essential for keeping your space safe from ice, mildew, or even freezing water.   Learn proper tips on how to get your garage winter-ready

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Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

So, if winter is coming soon, then here are some of the things you should do to get your garage ready for it.

Storing hoses away and shutting off the outdoor water connection

When it’s about to get freezing cold, there won’t be any need for the water connection outdoors or in the garage to be turned on. Keeping it closed is recommended to minimize any corrosion of the pipes and avoiding any bursts. Taking these steps will save you a lot of effort, time, and money in the long run. Also, it’s time to get your hose reel ready; invest in one if you don’t have it because it can make it easier on you when you store all your garden hoses away. Remember to keep them straight while they’re coiled around; bent hoses can get damaged by the time winter is over. Also, remember to drain all the water inside of them to avoid any water freezing inside and causing possible cracks or ruptures.  

Invest in humidifiers and dehumidifiers 

You will need both, depending on the situation. These machine units can help regulate the air properly and make the changes in weather more bearable. When it’s cold outside, it means the air will be dry. So, it wouldn’t hurt to get one of those quiet humidifiers to help with the dry air inside because of the cold and keep your garage’s climate nice and easy to breathe in. Also, because it’s the winter and there is a possibility of getting snow inside that would turn into freezing water on your garage floor, you should invest in a silent dehumidifier to remove some of that moisture. Both of these machines can be very helpful, and you need to learn when to use them because they both have different features; they will be excellent additions to your garage during the winter.

Organize your tools and items

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Each season requires a set of items that will make your landscaping and driveway easier to maintain. The best thing for you to do is to keep your shovels, metal trash cans, gloves, and salt close by when winter is here. Anything you won’t use, like your garden tools, lawnmower, rakes, hoses, and buckets, should be kept at the back of your garage, stored away safely until needed in the summer. Also, one of the essential tools that you should keep close and within reach in the garage is your snowblower; it can save you a lot of time and effort. So, keeping it in a spot that you can easily take out and put back in without moving your car can be very helpful.

Utilize your wall space in the garage

Utilizing your wall space is very smart and handy, and you’ll want to prepare this before winter because it can make things a lot organized. Having all your stuff neatly hung on a Slat-wall storage system on the walls can be perfect for de-cluttering the garage when you’re storing a lot of things. You’ll be able to hang things like your tools or sports gear. These things include bats, shovels, balls, rackets, bicycles, skateboards, and anything else that won’t be used much in the winter. Instead of cramming everything on the floor and making the place challenging to walk in, you will have everything neatly hung on your walls. 

Insulate everything for your safety 

Please start checking on your pipes, fixtures, garage doors, windows, and walls to make sure that they are well insulated for the winter. Having a proper insulation system or seals is perfect for minimizing air leaks. You need to make sure that every hinge and spring is insulated correctly too. Please start adding weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door, also, as it will help you keep the cold air out.

A garage that is fit for winter is a safe one, making it easy to enter and exit it whenever you want. But it’s probably the last thing that homeowners think about during weather changes, which isn’t right because it’s still part of your home, and it shelters all your essential items and your car. Following these tips on how to get your garage winter-ready  can get it entirely secure for any changes that will happen during the winter. It will probably be freezing too, so make sure everything inside is well protected. 

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