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Three Footwear Every Man Should Invest In

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Creating a functional shoe collection can be a bit confusing with the number of shoes available to men these days.

Everyone knows the basics, but which of them should you really invest in? Shoes are an important part of everyone’s wardrobe, but which should you spend on? Here are five types of shoes that you will need in your closet that you will need to bring out on a number of occasions. You can go to Brand House Direct to find all these types of shoes.

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The MUST-HAVE – Whether it is a big formal networking event or regular day at work. Every man needs the black dress shoe. There are no exceptions to this rule. Slacks and suits will be a staple in a gentleman’s life. A polished and well fitted black dress shoe will be best footwear for any formal or business attire. Make sure to buy one sewn well and in good leather material, one that will not easily break.

The Personal Pair – One pair of casual shoes – and since there are so many to choose from, pick which you would most likely wear more often depending on your activities. If you are a traveler, get a great pair of men’s leather sandals. If you are an athlete, get yourself assessed for properly fitted pair of trainers or basketball sneakers. If you are a fashionable man, stick to one major fashion brand investment. Having a comfortable and well thought pair when going about your hobbies and interest is important, so invest in one that makes you perform well in them. Check out brands like Reef for your casual shoes!

The Wildcard – An ankle boot is very important as well, especially since it is great for all seasons. It is flexible enough that it can be worn both in a casual and formal look. Try it with slacks or with jeans. It is one style to go with both. It gives any look a touch of sophistication without being as formal as a black dress shoe.


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