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Gentleman’s Guide for Hosting

Gentleman’s Guide for Hosting
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

Gentleman’s Guide for Hosting

When it comes to holding a gathering or event, it’s important for a gentleman not only to conduct himself well and plan everything accordingly in advance but also to ensure that your hosting is a great event for your friends, co-workers, colleagues, or family.

Gentleman’s Guide for Hosting
Photo by Kelsey Chance on Unsplash

With the guys

When hosting a guys-only gathering, it’s important to consider the type of entertainment you’ll provide over the evening. Is it a gaming-type evening? Will there be drinking games and sports on TV, or is it an informal gathering where just a decent background playlist is needed?

One great option to consider if you want to keep the boys entertained is a game of poker. This doesn’t require a lot of effort or spending but means you’ll be entertained for hours and won’t have to worry about awkward conversations or silences or what to do when the football finishes. Simply invest in a decent deck of cards and a set of poker chips, or better still, buy an all-inclusive set online which comes with cards, chips, and even a green table mat to keep things in order. These can of course, be used time and again, meaning you’ll always be the perfect guy’s night host.

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A family affair

When it’s a family gathering, like a birthday evening or dinner party, the mood can be completely different than when you’re out with friends, so the whole evening has to be hosted accordingly. An easy option would be to pick a suitable restaurant to host a dinner party, as it means no washing up, no mess in the house, and no menu to worry about. However, if it has to be a home-hosted event due to restrictions such as dietary requirements or things like childminding issues, a dinner party – or if weather permitting a barbecue – is the best option. Ensure you cater to all needs, making sure there’s child-friendly and vegetarian-friendly food available if required. Easy all-round snacks like breadsticks and dip work well as appetizers, and again as long as there’s a good mood-appropriate playlist on the go, then the evening is sure to be a success.

If you are hosting a family reunion and have lost contact with some members, you can do a people search to find those lost members. The more the merrier!

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A birthday party

Whether it’s your own birthday or you’re hosting a party for a loved one, it’s pretty easy to host a birthday party as long as you remember the main rules. For starters, only invite people appropriate for the venue, so that means no troublemakers or liable drunks turning up to a house party, and no children invited to a party in a bar or club. Décor is important too, so be sure to pick classy decorations that signify a party vibe without being too cheesy or tacky. Of course if it’s a big milestone party then you should consider posters of old photographs, for example of a brother as a child if it’s now his 30th birthday, or a photo of your parents on their wedding day if they are celebrating a ruby anniversary.

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These are just some of the event options you may be faced with but if you follow these tips, you’re certain to host the evening like a true gent.