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Romantic Anniversary Celebration Ideas For Fall

If your anniversary falls during autumn, check out this cache of perfect anniversary ideas and really wow your lady with a gift that’s thoughtful and takes advantage of the season.

A Floral Surprise

Order flowers for your anniversary in a variety of fall hues. This takes flower-giving to another level—it’s anniversary appropriate and seasonally sensational. Send an arrangement to her office to get the celebration started early, or have it waiting on the doorstep. She’ll enjoy the initial surprise, and then use the delivery as an ideal addition to her home décor—meaning you’ll have found a gift that knocked it out of the park.

Take in the Foliage

Fall is a perfect time for a romantic drive, and can be an extra special surprise for the couple that lives in a big city and doesn’t often get to take in all that nature has to offer. Take her on a trip through winding roads lined with gorgeous fall foliage. Plan a route ahead of time to ensure you’ll be driving in the midst of changing leaves, make a playlist for the trip, and bring a picnic basket of her favorite food items. Pull off at a designated luncheon spot and breathe in the best of nature.

Take Her to an Orchard

One of the best parts of autumn is the wide variety of produce that becomes available. Impress her with your romantic antics and take her to an orchard to do some apple picking­. Don’t tell her what you’re doing and surprise her with a day that she’ll never predict. Once you have picked apples to her heart’s content, take your assortment home and blow her socks off by creating an apple pie. Even the most novice of chefs can manage a premade crust and apple filling, so hone your kitchen skills and shock her this anniversary.

Hit Up Oktoberfest

If your lady likes to partake in beer and sausage (lucky you!), then plan a fun excursion to a local Oktoberfest— and start saving to take her to the actual event in Munich in the future. You can spend the day taking in delicious steins of frothy beer and chomping down on Bavarian specialties. Surprise her with the tickets, and if you’re one of those brave fellows, don a pair of lederhosen—if anything, you’re guaranteed to make her laugh.

Make it Old School

Head back to elementary school days and take her on a trip to a pumpkin patch. Spend time picking out pumpkins, make your way through a corn maze, buy some delicious fall treats, and visit the petting zoo. Some pumpkin patches even have hay rides, so look up their services in advance to find a patch that will give you the best bang for your buck. Once you grab your preferred pumpkins, take them home and set up a station complete with all of the carving tools you’ll need. Romantic and sure to bring back great memories from childhood, this idea is definitely a charmer.

Give Her a Thrill

Take this suggestion with a grain of salt, guys. If your lady is into scary movies and the occasional thrill, then this is a great idea; if not, steer clear. For the horror-loving girlfriend or wife, head to a fantastic haunted house or Halloween-themed fright fest at a nearby theme park. Clutch onto each other while you make your way through a spook-tacular venue and make for a night that you’ll always remember.

Take a Trip

If you want to do something really big this anniversary, plan a trip to a fall destination spot. Head to a place like Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for some crisp weather and downhome hospitality, along with expansive views of the surrounding natural areas. This is a great idea for active couples; spend the day hiking in the Grand Teton and exploring the off-season ski slopes.

Want to score some extra brownie points? Plan the trip in conjunction with her family, rent out a house in a fall destination, and give her the gift of a reunion with her loved ones. You’ll have your own room so you can still get some much needed alone time, and she’ll get a surprise she never saw coming.

Whatever you decide to plan, make sure you dress the part for the fall season and impress her with your dashing good looks. With the power of autumn on your side, making this anniversary one to remember is easier than you think.

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