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The Ultimate Guide to Looking Better At The Gym

The Ultimate Guide to Looking Better At The Gym

No matter where you’re going, you can always look stylish. For this piece, I’m putting the spotlight on the gym. No doubt plenty of you out there will like working out and going to the gym. And, by following my advice, you can now create the perfect look to get your gym style on point!

Ultimate Guide to Looking Better At The Gym
Image by Wayne Howard from Pixabay

Gym Tops

You’ve got two things to consider when it comes to the gym tops you wear. For starters, you’ll want to think about the t-shirt or vest you’ll wear when working out. Secondly, you’re going to want to consider whether you wear a hoodie or sports jacket too. Some people wear hoodies to the gym because they have to walk there and it’s cold. Others prefer to workout in hoodies because they prefer it. Either way, make sure your hoodie is on point and matches the other colours you’re wearing. With your top, you want something that’s perfect for exercise but still looks stylish.

Gym Bottoms

Obviously, you’re going to need some form of gym bottoms to wear as well. Again, you’ll have a couple of options here too. You could wear shorts, or you could wear some gym pants, whichever is more comfortable for you. I prefer to wear gym pants to and from the gym because they’re comfortable and can look really stylish. But, when I get to the gym, I change into shorts for my workout. You’ll earn plenty of style points if your pants/shorts are fitted well, rather than if they’re baggy.

Gym Bags

A big part of your gym style is the bag you bring with you. There are plenty of different styles you can look for here. Some guys just wear a backpack; others prefer duffel bags. I’m more likely to go with the second option because you can keep more stuff inside. You can have your towel, gym gear and any bottles and accessories, all neatly in your duffel bag. The important thing is to pick a style of bag that fits your look. Make sure the colour matches what you’re wearing. My advice is to get a colour that fits with almost every other colour you’d wear. A bright pink gym bag isn’t likely to fit all your outfits. Whereas a more basic colour, like black, can fit with a lot of colours and styles.



For most guys, gym footwear is their main concern. They want to make sure they’re wearing fresh things on their feet. The thing with footwear in the gym is that you can’t wear any old thing. You might have a favourite pair of trainers that you wear everywhere. But, they may not work in the gym. You need athletic footwear like running trainers. The perfect style is something like Nike Roshe Run’s or Adidas ZX Flux. These two trainers are primarily for running and gym wear, but they still have an incredible the style. They’re the type of footwear you’d wear to the gym, but also if you went out for a casual dinner.