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6 Luxurious Ways To Enjoy Boston In Style

Men love to travel and see the world. There is something so manly about plucking up the courage to be a nomad and venturing out into the unknown. Even a vacation alone is a big step, and the adrenaline never fully goes away. As a rule, the majority of us will try our hardest to save money on our travels. It’s ingrained in us because no one wants to come back to mounting debt and credit card bills. And, just in the same way that a guy can cut down, he can let loose and go on a legendary spending spree too.

Frankly, there is nothing wrong with splashing the cash if you have it to spend. As the saying goes, you can’t take it with you when you die. So, with the adage in mind, below are most luxurious ways to enjoy the city of Boston. After reading the following, you’ll feel like a billionaire.

#1: Upgrade Your Ticket

Unless you live nearby, a plane is the best form of travel. Whereas economy class is okay, business and first class are enjoyable. With an upgrade, customers get extra legroom to stretch out and catch up on missed Z’s. There’s also free booze and champagne, as well as a range of gourmet dishes and movies to watch on TV. Quite simply, it’s a step up from the cattle market that airlines like to call ‘riding coach’. The great thing about upgrading a domestic ticket is that it’s cheaper than an international one. So, you can enjoy the benefits without breaking the bank, which is always a nice way to start a holiday. Business Insider ranks the top companies in the United States, and Alaska Airlines comes out on top. Other notable mentions are Delta and Virgin America.

#2: Ride In Style

One thing rich and famous people never do is catch the bus or hop on public transport. Part of the reason is that they will get mobbed, but another motive is affordability. Boston Executive Limo Service is professional and well worth the expense because it’s a first-class car service. Rather than call a cab or take the subway, you can pay a company like BELS to chauffeur you from one place to the next. Depending on money, they may only drop you off at the hotel from the airport, but it means getting to experience a limo, which is always cool. After that, don’t forget about Uber. Apart from the X service, there is also an XL and an Uber Black option. Both are higher quality than a regular taxi, with drivers tending to turn up Mercedes and BMWs. Although these options are expensive, they will by no means wipe your account dry.

#3: 5* Accommodation

A man looking to enjoy Boston in style can’t stay in a hostel or a budget hotel. It completely ruins the experience as you’re digs set the tone for the entire trip. Some people will glibly say, “all you need is a bed and a roof over your head” but they’re wrong. Anyone that has ever spent time in a 4-5* joint understands that it’s the little things which make a massive difference. For example, the InterContinental on Atlantic Ave has a spa, an indoor pool, and an exercise room. Odds are you’ll never use them, but it’s nice to have the choice just in case. The Four Seasons ranks highly Five Star Alliance, and it’s the food which gets a notable mention. Kicking off the day with an excellent breakfast is the only way to start a vacation of a lifetime, so think about the food before booking.

#4: Evening Meals

With 5* hotels, the evening meal is usually included in the price. At the least, they will have an amazing restaurant that serves the best food Boston has to offer. Still, traveling requires a guy to leave the hotel once in a while and experience the city. Thankfully, Boston has an array of sights and attractions, and they are all worth seeing. By the end of the day, you’ll be hungry enough to eat a horse and that is when you put your glad rags on hit the town. Try not to go off the price but what’s hot at this moment. As hipster as it sounds dining out is about looking the part as well as ordering delicious dishes. Boston Eater has a comprehensive list, and at the top is Yume Ga Arukara which specializes in udon cuisine. Field & Vine has a fantastic sustainable menu for veggies and tree huggers, while Hopsters is a classic meat joint.

#5: Sports Shows

There is no way a self-respecting guy can visit Boston without experiencing a game of some sort. Whichever one you pick is a personal preference, but basketball is always the choice of the rich and famous. Why? It’s because courtside tickets are available where you can pretty much touch the players. Stewards don’t advise you to do it because there is a game in play, but it’s cool to tell your friends. Even cooler is being able to have a conversation with the bench or a passing point guard. You’ll feel like Jay-Z! The Celtics are Boston’s premier team, and they are playing well currently, so are well worth a watch. Other than that, check out the Red Sox at Fenway or the Patriots at Gillette.

#6: Out And About

Boston is just one city in a wider network of huge megalopolises. Basically, hubs such as Philadelphia and New York are a couple of hours away by car. And, there aren’t many more luxurious cities than the City that never sleeps. The Big Apple is home to the finest shopping and hotels in the world, as well as restaurants and eateries. Plus, the sporting scene isn’t bad either with the Nets, the Knicks and the Yankees all in-house. In simple terms, NYC has everything Boston has and more in some respects. So, it would be silly to miss out, especially when you’re a short commute away.

Guys, how do you plan on vacationing in style when you get the chance?