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The Valuable Prowess of Piece of Mind: Tips on Buying a Safe Car

Many of us have heard the nonstop talk and sentiment about driverless cars, but we may still be a bit far away from the day when we can buy a car and tell it where to go, completely, kick back, and turn your mind off while artificial intelligence does the navigation. Technology is actually already playing a big role on the road, and it is most apparent when you look at safety features on vehicles. These features are important, because it seems that drivers aren’t getting any better! According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2015 ended a five-decade trend of declining traffic fatalities – this was a 7.2% increase, and the largest jump on record since 1966.

These safety features may actually be more important than ever, because it is believed that drivers are not necessarily any better at this time. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that during 2015, a five-decade trend of declining traffic fatalities was over. During 2014 alone, there was a 7.2% increase in deaths on the road, a harrowing statistic. Most every driver knows the basics of being safe, but the safety features of today can be a great supplement to driving habits that are already healthy.

Here are some of the features to look for in cars when safety is a concern, and a bit about how each one works to protect you. Many developments as of late have been very exciting, and are also great tools for helping you save on insurance premiums, which is always a bonus in anyone’s budget book!

Forward Collision Warning – these sensors in the front of the vehicle will warn you of an impending collision, and give you ample time to steer clear of the accident, or apply the necessary brakes.

Automatic Emergency Braking – this technology works with forward collision warning sensors, and will automatically apply the brakes to avoid danger. Particularly useful for instances of distracted driving and bad weather, it can surely be the difference between life and death.

Lane Departure Warning – this is a very savvy technology that uses multiple cameras to keep track of your car’s position on the road. If drifting from your lane begins to happen, an alarm sounds to notify you quickly.

Backup Camera: these cameras are becoming standard much more frequently now, and they will automatically activate when the car shifts into reverse. You immediately get a clear view behind the car,which is great for driveways. Since many different research forums have shown us how many accidents happen in the driveway, it is a very useful tool to have to assure that no little ones are lingering behind you.

Electronic stability control: Now standard on many models 2012 and later, it is a real benefit for slippery conditions and on curves. NHTSA studies claim that it can reduce the risk of a fatal single-vehicle crash by nearly 50%, and the risk of a fatal rollover by 80%.

Other qualities that can help drastically with a car’s safety are size and weight, restraint systems and structure, and its overall NHTA safety rating. When you have your most loved ones in tow, you don’t want to skimp on features, and you want to feel assured that you’ll always be covered no matter what type of road conditions you are facing. While facing the task of finding a new vehicle, also pay close attention to different trim levels. If price is your major concern, some trim levels for different brands will offer many more safety options then others: check and see what the base and second levels up will offer as far as all of these features are concerned.