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Entertaining The Whole Family On Sporting Holidays

Holidays don’t just have to be spent in front of the pool, you know. Yes, holidays can be active affairs too. What’s more, they can be active, sporty affairs that the whole family will find entertaining.

To see some of the best sporting holidays offered around the world, make sure to read on.

For a multi-activity getaway, get down to St. Lucia

If you and your family just can’t decide on one sport or activity to take part in on your holiday, then why not opt for a multi-activity getaway? By doing so you’re sure to entertain even the fussiest and less-sporty members of your family, as there is sure to be something to entertain everybody.

But where should you head to in search of a multi-activity getaway? Well, St. Lucia, of course! By heading to this Caribbean island you will find multi-activity getaways provided by The BodyHoliday group, and they offer a plethora of sporting and active options, many of which being water based. You can enjoy a host of wet activities, from volleyball and beach-a-thon competitions that will provide your children with the gamification they need to really get going on their holiday, to snorkelling and scuba diving expeditions that will allow you all the chance to explore the deep — if you opt for the latter, just make sure to bring the pack the perfect scuba drysuit for diving!

So, if you want to indulge in an exceedingly wet sporting getaway, get on down to St. Lucia.

For golf, there is no better place that Madeira

If you yourself are a golf nut, or if you and your family just enjoy various sporting activities, then the island of Madeira is the perfect place for you. It is the perfect place for you because the Galo Resort is naturally perfect for golf lovers and offers everything you could possibly dream of to keep everybody in the family active and entertained., and the magical views will leave nothing to the imagination.

For the golf lovers, the course is an absolute must. And, for those in your family who are less keen on hitting tiny balls with clubs, there are plenty of things to do. There are classes that take place regularly, such as Body Combat, Zumba and Pilates and will allow anybody that takes part in them the chance to enhance their fitness no end. And, for kids, there are activities such as badminton and ping pong to enjoy.

Basically, when embarking on a golfing holiday at the world famous Gala Resort you will be able to do much more than play golf!

When planning to ski, go to Switzerland

Skiing needs no introduction in regards to how good a sporting holiday it is, but skiing is only good for the whole family when you go to the best place to ski. And, there is no better place to ski than Switzerland.

Particularly, you should head to The Alpine Gstaad, a place where novice skiers and ‘professionals’ alike can enjoy themselves thanks to all the on-site instructors that will help anybody, no matter their level. So, Dad, Mom and all the kids in tow will find themselves flying down the mountains and truly experiencing what it is like to be a skier in no time. So, waste no time in getting this sporting holiday booked up!

But, as is becoming a theme here, there is more to this sporting holiday than just what it says on the tin. Yes, because this is a skiing holiday of luxury, there is much more to it than just skiing. There are pools to relax and frolic in. There are areas for rock climbing and hiking. There are group classes that take place that teach Tai Chi and Pilates. So, if you or anybody else in your family do no fancy a ski, then fear not as nobody will be left bored.

If you’re the adventurous type, don’t omit Oman from your travel plans

If you and your family are the type of people to get a bit adventurous, then make sure to include Oman in your travel plans. Make sure to do so, specifically including Oman’s Zighy Bay, because adventure and activity can be found in abundance there!

What you will find there specially are a host of entertaining activities that are rife with adventure, like try slacklining, rock climbing, yoga, snorkelling, kayaking, mountain biking and paragliding, just to name a few. And, to really get your children’s heart racing, allow them to take part in the specially designed clubs for children and teens that will take even the shyest child out of their comfort zone.

So, if you fancy something a bit different but sporting all the same, then get to Zighy Bay.

For water sports, Bali is the best place possible

Bali is one of Indonesia’s many beautiful islands, but it is probably it’s best all-round in regards to what it offers for holidaymakers. And, if these holidaymakers are interested in water sports, then there is in fact, quite literally, no better place than Bali!

What with the idyllic beach that it offers, as well as the water and the abundance of water sports that sits before it, Bali sits right atop of the water sports pyramid. What these water sports include are: paddle boating, google boarding, kayaking and windsurfing, so no matter how adventurous you and the family are there is sure to be something to be found that will entertain you all.

For children that prove particularly difficult to get active, try enrolling them in the Bamboo kids club where they will be able to enjoy everything from treasure hunts to soccer games. Just think, if you were to do that, you’d buy yourself some time to relax after all those water sports you tried!

Mountain biking must take place in Portugal

Something that absolutely must take place in Portugal is mountain biking. Why? Well, because at the Martinhal Luxury Beach Resort you and the family will find a varied selection of different mountain biking experiences, including the hugely popular form of biking known as TREK.

And mountain biking isn’t the only thing this resort offers both professionally and profusely — it offer award-winning windsurfing activities too. In fact, this resort offers you the chance to bike, and then windsurf! So, if you and the family want to try something completely different and absolutely active on your next holiday, then make to not overlook Portugal’s Martinhal resort.

To surf, follow the wave to Morocco

Surfing might not be something you have ever considered as something you would particular enjoy or excel in, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it and that you can’t excel in it when you do.

And, if you truly want to excel at surfing on your sporting holiday, make sure to head to Morocco’s Paradis Plage. Make sure to head here because, quite simply, you and your family will learn to surf — and learn to surf well at that — regardless of how long your stay is.

Sporting holidays do not get the recognition or appreciation they deserve. Why? Well, because, more often than not, people just want to zone out and chill when on their annual holiday. But, if you’re getting bored with doing that, or if you fear your children will tire of that this year (and waste you the money spent on bringing them on holiday) then make sure to book yourself a sporting holiday. And, to really make sure this holiday is as good as it can be, make sure to consider the ones above.