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Stylish Weekend Plans: Treat Your Other Half To Pure Luxury

Busy gentlemen can lead hectic lives; therefore it’s crucial to find time to switch off and indulge in a spot of luxury during your weekends and free time. If there’s nobody you’d rather spend your weekends with, taking your other half away somewhere could be just what the doctor ordered, and they’ll appreciate it just as much as you do. Why stick to local, when there’s a whole world out there to enjoy and explore together? However far you intend to push the luxury budget; it’s worth thinking of the places to visit, things to see, and making some well-thought-out plans in advance so that you can both make the most of your time. Unique, popular, and intimate places will need booking ahead of time, so why not treat yourself and your partner to a weekend away that the relaxed feeling that everything is taken care of, and runs smoothly from the well thought out itinerary.

There are a plethora of potential weekend destinations to visit, more cuisine to try that you could imagine, and an array of potential activities awaiting you and your other half; you just need to figure out what sort of getaway you’d both appreciate. There will be several things to factor into your trip, so it’s vital that you make a list in a relevant app on your phone so that you can tick things off as you go, and avoid any last-minute panic. You’d be surprised how much you can get planned in an hour or so; therefore, make the most of your time ahead, and get booking! The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for the gent who wants to surprise their other half with a luxurious weekend, and wants to make the most of their time together by planning ahead.


Whether you’re taking your dating skills to a city, going for a coastal escape, or finding the snow up a mountain; getting there will be part of the fun. Therefore, your travel and transportation plans should get the weekend off to the best start, and finish it in style. If you plan to travel by road; look into hiring a chauffeur or driver so that you can focus on your companion throughout the journey. Not having to drive yourself will ensure that you can enjoy drinks, more specifically, a glass or two of Dom Pérignon together enroute, and take in the sites (or even close your eyes after a busy week to recharge for the plans ahead). Make sure the vehicle you’re traveling in is comfortable and spacious and full of the little luxury touches, which make the big difference. Drinks and something to eat are a must; meeting your other half’s every need won’t go unnoticed, and will ensure the whole trip is a success from start to finish.

If you want to take a weekend from 0 to 100 in a split second, you could look into how much to hire a private jet will set you back. You don’t get more luxurious than cruising through the clouds in your own plane, and, if it’s within your intended budget, you be adding convenience, style, and the wow-factor to your two or three-day date. Try to keep it a surprise; arrive at the runway in a driven car, again; you’ll be able to make the most of a glass of bubbles before you head into the sky. If you and your date love life on the water; your transport can become part of your accommodation, especially if you look into chartering a luxury yacht to make the most of crystal clear waters somewhere. Think about how you’re going to get to each point of your getaway; always plan the transport in advance so that nobody has to hop in a last-minute cab on the way to a pristine boat or elegant jet. You want your other half to feel special at each point of the weekend away, so planning and preparing are your best friends.


Much like the travel and transportation plans during your weekend away; your accommodation needs to provide everything you could want, without the hassle of doing anything. Therefore, it has to be 5-star and above all the way. The yacht idea is perfect for a relaxing break on the water or around the coastline; you’ll have a team of staff ensuring that your food, drinks, treatments, and any trips to the shore, are organized so that you don’t have to lift a finger. If you’re thinking of heading to accommodation on more solid ground; ensure that romance is paramount in your decision. Busy hotels might ruin the mood of the weekend, even 5-star ones, so stick to private serviced apartments in the city, luxury villas in warmer climes for the ultimate beach break, and that picturesque chalet for an escape to the slopes.

Make sure that meals and entertainment have already been thought-through. Whether you want a table at Per Se in New York, or you want hot, delicious food delivered to your luxury chalet in the snow; make sure that you have everything organized beforehand. A little effort and planning now will ensure that you don’t have to worry about a thing over the weekend, and you can both fully relax and unwind. Little touches like your partner’s favorite flowers, chocolates, or even something shiny from the jewelers, will boost the opulence factor on your date, so try and make thoughtful decisions part and parcel of their experience. Enhance the weekend with a trip out to see something special together, whether it’s a show on stage or a natural wonder; you want the time to be as memorable as possible. Gauge your partner reactions throughout your trip, and think about where to make changes in the future. And, don’t forget, you have a lifetime of potentially incredible weekends away ahead, so keep learning and trying new things; this will lead to the perfect luxury getaway that neither of you will forget in a hurry.