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Remarkable Ways to Up Your Socks Game

The right clothes make the man, they say. The right cut, color, and designs matter, from your tie right down to your socks and shoes. However, most men think less about paying attention to their socks. In the grand scheme of things, socks don’t warrant a lot of attention and interest—or so you think. If you want to land that dream job or get your foot in the door, you might want to start taking stock of your sock choices.

Choosing Comfort

What you wear says a lot about you. That could also work to mean, whatever idea or cause you want to stand for, say it with what you wear. Say it with what you buy. Because every time you buy something, you’re reaffirming a choice. You’re telling the world: I like this. Whenever you buy a white cotton sock, you’re telling the world: this is me. This is what I find comfortable. But don’t you want more out of life than white, plain, and cheap cotton socks?

Exploring the Material

You can look over a lot of types of sock fibers. These are:

Cotton: If you want the traditional, go for cotton. It’s lightweight and a good choice for dress and sports socks. It’s also durable, which is why it’s the number one choice for the sock-shod feet. However, it doesn’t wick moisture away so if you’ve got sweaty feet, cotton might not be your best bet.

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Silk: As far as luxury fabrics go, silk tops the list. It usually goes with black tie or formal events. Also, because it wears faster and isn’t as durable as cotton, wool or some types of cashmere, reserving it for formal events means you get to keep it longer.

Wool: Soft and has excellent moisture-absorbent qualities. So if you’re in for a chilly workday, get your wool socks out of the drawers to keep your feet warm and toasty.

Cashmere: Closer to wool in terms of qualities, it loses its shape a mite faster than wool so you need to take proper care of these socks. Hand wash them well and keep them away from the dryers.

Winning Qualities

The best socks will pack along a ton of wonderful qualities, the Business Insider says. These should include:

Sock wicking. Socks like this absorb moisture away. If you’ve got a problem with smelly toes, then have a go at these socks.

Sock padding. Make sure your socks have the proper padding. Thick socks help absorb impact, which reduces the risk of injury and harm to your feet in case you trip or fall over. It also prevents your skin from being rubbed raw by the constant contact with the sides of your shoes. If you’ve just bought yourself a new pair, then thick socks help keep you from feeling any discomfort the first few times, up until you break your new pair in.

Sock fit. Go for snug fit socks or slim fit socks. Snug fit socks look and feel better since they fit close to your skin. Dress shoes tend to go better with slim fit socks so remember that if you don’t want your trouser cuff ruined. Get your hands on VKNagrani designer socks and you will notice the difference.

Playing with Color

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Neutrals: White socks aren’t the only way to go. Go with variety. Try out neutral shades, says Ties. This goes well for most professional and black tie affairs. A good selection would include brown, gray, blue, and black.

Solids: Bright solid colored socks can add just the right accent to your outfit and bring it from business to casual and vice versa. Don’t want to be too boring? Put a touch of the naughty, silly or whimsical in your attire with the right socks. Owning socks in salmon, green, and blue is a good start to your collection.

Patterns: There are so many patterns you could play with out there. From going with argyle, dots and stripes to cats, pizzas, and UFOs, you’ve got a ton to choose from. These are a good way to add color and movement to your wardrobe. Just remember to be careful when pairing patterned socks with patterned bottoms or shirts. You could end up getting lost in too many stripes or patterns if you aren’t careful about picking out matching patterns and colors.

Novelty: One way to make or deliver a statement is to choose novelty socks. It’s the kind of footwear that has no problem standing out. If that’s you, then it’s a definite match for your personality.

So look into investing in a couple of good socks. You’ll have to shell out more than what you normally would for your 6-pack at Walmart but it’ll definitely be worth it to up your socks game.

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