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Derma Sport Skin Care Range – What I think

As a self-conscious male I am always using purchasing different skin care products, in particular facial washes and moisturising creams. I have tried and tested all ranges of brands and as of yet haven’t found a cream that I am completely happy with. The aim of this article is to review  the complete DermaSport Skincare pack. The price of the complete set is much lower than purchasing each item individually which offers good value.

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What The Pack Includes:

  • 1 Athletic Face Wash – Choice of Normal to Oily or Dry Skin Formula
  • 1 Athletic Clarifying Spray Toner
  • 1 Athletic Age Defense Moisturizer
  • 1 Athletic Multitasking Eye Cream

Description of Items

The complete DermaSport Skincare pack consists of the following items:

1.  Athletic Facial Cleanser.

This is definitely recommended, by far the best cleansing wash for Oily Skin that I have used. The pH-balanced formula cleans the skin gently of dirt and salt.

2.  Athletic Clarifying Toner Mist

I wouldn’t normally purchase this product but as it is aimed at skin affected by sun and sweat I will certainly use this in the summer.

3.  Athletic Age Defence Moisturiser.

My number 1 product in the range and the primary reason why I would definitely purchase this pack again. My skin feels fantastic after applying this each morning.

4.  Multi-tasking Eye Cream.

Another cream that I wouldn’t normally purchase but I feel this is great for the dark circles under my eyes. This cream offers antioxidant protection and helps to promote natural skin renewal which all make this cream a excellent purchase.

This complete package will last at least 2 months because of the small quantities needed on a daily basis and comes in a reusable zip-close cosmetic bag.


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