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Denim Shopping Tips for the Aspiring Gentleman

Denim Jeans
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The almighty pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple for every man. So how should a man shop for jeans?

While you may go with the “whatever fits” technique, you can make the most out of your cash, time, and effort with a little bit of shopping considerations. Your jeans shopping game can get much better with this simple checklist that we put together for you.

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Photo by lan deng on Unsplash

1. What is this pair for?

Frankly, and I hope I don’t offend, no man should devote precious brain cells to knowing all the jean styles there are out there. I say this because there are a whole lot of them. All you need to know is what you will be using this pair for. Three options. Relaxed activities, such as chilling with the boys, call for a classic fit. A casual meet-your-girlfriend’s-family-and-not-look-like-a-highschool-has-been calls for a tailored cut. Looking for a stylish denim jeans for a night out or party? Trendy styles are for special fun occasions.

2. They’re called underwear for a reason

Unless you are a 90’s rapper or a man who have lost half his body in a weight loss challenge, you have no excuse to wear jeans that seem to struggle with the pull of gravity. No self-respecting aspiring gentleman should wear a sag. A sag, if you are not aware, is wearing your jeans to show your underpants. Ill-fitting jeans will not make you look cool, it will make you look frumpy and unfinished. There are trendy styles that are subtle yet cool, like designer jeans for men. Don’t compromise the fit. Experiment with style instead.

3. Details make the difference

Pockets. Buttons. Fly. Stitch. Five details that make all the difference. The busier and louder they are, the more the will call attention to that area. Many trusted brands like True Religion jeans, know this cardinal rule, and so they offer a number of options for different personalities and uses.

4. Move

It is not enough that they fit. You need to move in our jeans. Stretch a bit inside the dressing room, or walk around in them for a minute. Even a skinny pair of jeans need to be comfortable enough to run in. Whatever you are fitting, needs to really, tastefully, functionally fit.

5. Dark Jeans are Always the best.

Night or day, the perfect pair of dark jeans will be your salvation. You can wear it grocery shopping with a t-shirt or to casual Friday with a button down and pullover.

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