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The Ultimate Gift List For The Well Dressed Man

Buying gift for guys that are most particular about their wardrobe can be something of a chore. After all, you always run the risk of them returning the item that you have spent time and energy choosing, or even worse it gathering dust in the back of a cupboard somewhere, never seeing the light of day. Although, just image if by some miracle you got it spot on this year, and managed to purchase them something that they loved? Well, that miracle has arrived, and it’s this gift guide for the well-dressed man, just continue you reading the post below.


A watch is always a good bet for the fashion conscious guy in your life. This is in part because there is so much range that with a little research you are bound to be able to find one that suits their need practically as well as their sense of style.

Fitness watches are a stylish and practical choice.

For the fitness fanatic go for a high tech watch that not only tells the time but also monitors fitness statistics like stress levels, and steps walked. The leaders in this brand being, of course, the Apple Watch and the Fitbit.

In these are both good choices for the fashion conscious too because you can buy many different styles of the band, making it sporty and casual, or formal and smart as you see fit. Although, the person receiving them better be pretty high up on your Christmas list as they aren’t cheap, and if you do want an additional strap they will cost even more!

For the more traditionally well-dressed gent, a chronometer or tachometer is an excellent choice. These watches have excellent functionally, and the former can be used as a stopwatch, while on the latter the recipients can work out calculations such as average speed and distance traveled. They also come with a choice of leather or metal bracelets making it simple to choose one that will suit your dapper gent’s personal style.

Hat and gloves

Hats maketh the gentlemen.

A stylish and practical gift for men this Christmas is a hat and gloves set. These are classic items that every guy should have in his wardrobe, and you can get some decent items that don’t cost the earth too.

Style, of course, is important once again here, so consider whether they are more of a wilderness woolly hat sort of fella, or trilby hipsterish sort of guy? There are other options of course, and these include the quintessentially English, and rather stylish flat cap, perfect for the gentleman with more vintage leanings.

If you are purchasing a woolen knitted hat you can usually get gloves to match, or at least fine some the fit pretty well with the head attire. However, if you are going for one of the other hat designs, you won’t be able to get something identical. In this case, a pair of well made, good quality black wool gloves are often a sensible option. Although supple leather gloves can also work well as a gift, especially if the gentleman in question is into driving.

A statement piece

Now so far we have discussed some fairly safe options for clothes related gifts for the dapper man in your life. However, I do understand that some of you might be thinking that you really want to go all out this year and get an item for them that they will be truly surprised by, in a good way, of course.

What we’re talking about is a statement piece like a sweatshirt, button-down shirt, or a special pair of sneakers here, and these are items that have to be chosen with the utmost care. The first part of this task is to pick out some of the most exclusive and on-trend stores that specialize in menswear like REIGN and DSQUARED2. Then you have to consider the type of garment you will want to get and the budget you are willing to go up to. After all statement, pieces won’t be cheap, but they will be well worth it.

Then you need to look at what they are offering for this season, and this is the really hard bit, you need to try and visualize the items with the pieces already in the receipts wardrobe. You need to then pick the item that you will think best fit their style. Not a simple mission I grant you but one that will truly show how much you know and appreciate them in a single gift.

Accessories display

If all of that sounds like too much stress this festive period then why not get a fashion related gift that isn’t a piece of clothing. Yes, they do exist, in the form of an accessories box or tray.

These are containers that are designed to hold accouterments like cufflinks, watches, and tie pins and keep them safe for when you dapper gent dresses in the morning and undresses at night.

There are quite a range on the market to choose from as well, including things like the watch boxes here and the jewelry trays you can get from Royce Leather.

A winter coat

Last, but of course, not least, the one item that every well-dressed man needs in their wardrobe is a dapper winter coat. They keep them warm and dry although the season and look great too. Something that makes a coat a great choice in the gift-giving stakes.

However, choosing the right one can be as tricky as any other of the fashion-based tasks mentioned in this post because as it is outerwear, you have to get it spot on for fit and style.

A clever little trick to help you here is to check out what they already have in this department and go to the same store for a similar style. Then you know they will like the piece, and they will wear it. You also can be pretty sure that it will be the right size for them too. Something that makes it a relativity easy festive buy for the well-dressed gentleman in your life that you want to impress this year.