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10 Best Places to Meet Women Around Town

We got together and put this list together for you, and had a lot of fun doing it, sending different ideas back and forth.

It should be noted that bars and clubs are not included here because they are actually HORRIBLE places to pick up women, for three reasons: 1) it’s too loud and it’s hard to have a conversation 2) women have their guard up in these places. 3) the ratio often sucks, so there’s tons of competition

Without further ado, here’s the list starting with,


This one may surprise you, but it absolutely tops our list here. It wins hands down for many reasons: people don’t take advantage of this opportunity enough at all.

Consider this: the average church congregation is 75% female! And many of them are actively looking, even if they don’t openy admit it!

Obviously you have to have a real good decent person game to make things operate smoothly here, no sleazy tact is going to cut it in this environment, at least not until the very final stages. But, played properly, this is your Valhalla.

The Supermarket:

This is a tried and true cliché place to meet women, especially your typical lonely housewife type, and the local supermarket will always make any one of these lists, because it’s a good place to meet women, pure and simple. Breaking the ice here is easy, as is starting a conversation. Remember, all you need is a way of contacting her for later.

The Park:

This is another situation full of potential ice breakers, and generally you are catching women in a good mood here.

Bonus points for bringing a frisbee, bringing a dog, and wearing dark glasses for that air of mystery.

Starbucks etc.:

This one also works very well because people tend to hang out at these places, women tend to go there alone, and if they’re there at all, it’s because it’s one of their favorite places to be. Just be very unassuming in your approach, because it’s a crowded public place and people’s eyes are on you. Subtlety is key.

Any Smoking Area:

Yes, this means even if you don’t smoke. People smoking in a smoking area are often bored and starved for conversation. As long as you can break the ice without coming off like a total creep, there’s an excellent chance you will walk away from the conversation with at least a number.

At A Class:

No matter what stage you are at in your life, you should always be taking some sort of a class to improve yourself, just for your own personal edification. And there will almost always be at least one woman who catches your eye in these classes. This is a golden opportunity, since you already have a common interest, and this is like a rocket launcher to get things started.

Art Galleries:

Bet you didn’t think of that one before, did ya? But now that we mention it, isn’t it obvious the potential for meeting an incredible woman at an art gallery? At the very least, you will meet someone intelligent and cultured. Once again, easy to break the ice here.


Everything that can be said for art galleries can be said equally for museums. For purposes of picking up women they are essentially the same place.


The only downside to weddings is that you don’t have that much control how many you will go to in a year. Other than that, these are awesome places to meet women in a setting where they are in the best of moods, and really halfway primed for you to talk to them. It’s almost like the best story ever that tells itself! Pro tip: If you have the influence, get yourself seated strategically at a table with lots of single women!

Any Long Line:

You have time to kill, use it wisely. Start making conversation with people near you and look for opportunities to break the ice with a woman who interests you. If the line is long enough and you’re distracted, heck, she may even talk first!


This one has fallen off a little, as mall attendance is down all over, and malls can be kinda sketchy sometimes too, but it still has a lot of life left in it.

The upside is you can offer to take her to the food court right away and insta-date if the occasion presents itself.