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Decorating Tips for the Minimalist Gentleman

Minimalist Apartment
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Does your place look outdated, boring, or just a clash of styles.  Well your place can look classy without going crazy over budget or wild with decorations galore. The minimalist gentleman can decorate with style and class. Let’s explore a few ways for you to have a clutter-free look with a high-class feel.

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Essential Furniture

Think about the basics when designing each area in your home. Manly doesn’t have to mean boring or cluttered with hunting junk. There has to be a place in between the extremes. Go with the furniture you need in each room, and nothing more. A living area requires a place or two to sit, a lamp sitting on a small table, and a television. A bedroom really only needs a bed, a nightstand, and a dresser. When you start adding furniture to a room, it begins to feel cluttered. Stay with the basics, but don’t lose comfort. If you’re going to use the furniture for a functional purpose, go ahead and put it in the room. If the furniture is just for looks, throw it out.

Go Neutral

Be minimal with your color scheme when decorating. Instead of patterns and bright colors, go with toned down colors like beige, gray, white, and tan. This gives your home a light feel with a classic touch. If this doesn’t seem like a manly enough color scheme, you can go with the bolder colors of reds and blacks as well.

Sliding Barn Door

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring. A high-class look with a simple feel can be added through the use of a barn door. Click here to see a few of our faves. Install a sliding barn door to one or a few of your rooms. These doors look great, they’re simple, and they even give you more space. All you have to do is slide them open and shut. The look is so simplistic, yet so cool. One barn door gives the entire house a whole new feel.

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Be Careful With Patterns and Textures

Just like bright colors, patterns, and textures aren’t usually friends with the minimalist look. Neutral colors can go with a few heavier patterns and textures but never go overboard. Too many patterns work against the eyes, so you’ll always feel cluttered and confused in this type of space. Pieces of art or one piece of furniture are safe with a bold pattern, as long as you aren’t decorating a few rooms in heavy textures. You always want to do more with less in each room. Some things might catch the eye, but overall you want a simple feel to the entire place. This keeps it classic and clean.

Quality Over Quantity 

High class means high quality. This doesn’t mean each piece in your home has to cost a pretty penny. It does mean each piece in your home has to have quality in your eyes. A minimalist should choose high-quality items in their home that make them happy, yet don’t create too much clutter. You want to make sure you’ll use each item often. Each thing should serve a purpose. You may have 80 plastic cups splashed with logos of places you’ve traveled. Those plastic cups aren’t high quality. Instead, buy a few high-quality cups that you’ll drink from every day. Quality and quantity can be measured in everything from those kitchen cabinets to your linen closet. Decorating for a minimalist doesn’t always mean the things that are on display.

De-clutter Surfaces

We’ve all seen the coffee tables stacked with magazines, a few cups and picture frames all fighting for one little area. That coffee table isn’t really functional to hold coffee anymore if it’s just a storage area. Clear the surfaces of furniture, ledges, and shelves in your home unless they’re being used for artsy accessories or things you actually need. If you’re piling paper in one area, throwing all your keys into another area, and/or emptying your pockets on a table, it’s going to look like junk. This clutter isn’t doing anything for your design. Replace the clutter with a few nice photo frames, a piece of art, or a vase of flowers.

Have fun decorating, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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