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Craftsmanship Making a Comeback – Pistol Lake

In our drive to find cut price shirts in our throw-away society, America has nearly lost a crucial skill from its history – craftsmanship. Pistol Lake, an apparel company based out of Los Angeles is one company bucking the trend with an interesting backstory since 2012.

Where once we had companies making a wide range of products right here in the USA, we have let go of these skills in order to important cheaper items and save money.  One company ran by William Sulinski is bucking this trend in men’s fashion with their Kickstarter campaign shown below with the biggest first day ever for a fashion Kickstarter project back in 2012. What is Pistol Lake up to in late 2017?

Pistol Lake Kickstarter - Craftsmanship Making a Comeback – Pistol Lake

Brand background

Pistol Lake was founded back in 2012 by William Sulinski and Andrew Kneisley who come from diverse backgrounds but a share a passion for craftsmanship and making things by hand.  William came from a town in Maine with enough factories still in production today, making shoes and other goods.  He started in the tech world but wanted to make something tangible.  On the other hand, Andrew started out making surfboards by hand, each one being unique and special.  He took that attention to detail and applied it to Pistol Lake.

Factory Shot 3 1024x512 - Craftsmanship Making a Comeback – Pistol Lake

  • Ethical manufacturing that creates well-paying jobs for people who need them

  • Using recycled fabrics to reduce the impact of their products on the world

  • Combining a natural aesthetic with ultra-functional clothing for a simple, versatile result

The Eudae range

Pistol Lake spent two years developing their signature fabric, called Eudae and it is now available for Aspiring Gentleman to wear.  The fabric has a natural look and is very comfortable while also offers the practical benefits of a workout clothing item such as moisture wicking and anti-odor.  Clothes made with Eudae are also feather light and easy to wear as well as being very versatile.

Eudae Henley Lifestyle - Craftsmanship Making a Comeback – Pistol Lake

And the most impressive thing about this fabric – it is sustainably made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees and from recycled plastic bottles.  All the clothing is made in small batches so there is an exclusivity to the brand that makes it much in demand.

The Minimalist Performance Henley shirt made with Eudae that also has the classic Henley placket with three buttons.  Long sleeved, it comes in five different colors and looks as good at the bar while meeting friends as it does in the gym or on a run.

Eudae Raglan Lifestyle2 - Craftsmanship Making a Comeback – Pistol Lake

If you prefer a short sleeve top, the Minimalist Performance Tee offers short sleeves and a classic round neck that can be worn on its own or paired with a shirt or jacket for a versatile look.

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The future of clothing?

With their sustainable materials and traditional craftsmanship approaches, Pistol Lake show an alternative future of clothing to mass produced, low cost and low-quality items that currently flood the stores.

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