What Styles And Types Of Replacement Windows And Doors Are Available?

Windows and doors serve the purpose of providing security, improving curb appeal, and energy efficiency of our homes. Besides that, entry doors create the first impression of your home. To give the best first impression, you have to choose an appealing door, there is so many styles to choose from when looking for Replacement Windows and doors. 

There are many types and styles of doors in the market today, and choosing the best one for your home might be a challenging task. Here at Total Home Windows and Doors, we have highlighted different kinds and styles of doors into two; the exterior and interior. This write-up will provide you with essential tips and factors to consider when picking doors and windows for your home.

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1. Interior Doors

Interior windows and doors come in different types. 

  • The Hinged-Single Door – The hinged-single door is commonly found in many homes. Before buying one, you must check the room’s size and design to see if it has enough space for the door to swing. Interior doors usually have two hinges and are light, unlike their exterior counterparts with three hinges and are heavy. The outer doors are also thicker compared to the interior ones.
  • A Panel Door – This classic style door comes with three vertical stiles and four horizontal rails. Each panel is surrounded by a decorative molding that gives the door a richly textured finishing. This door provides the home with both a traditional and a modern setting.
  • A Flush Door – A flush door is the cheapest choice of interior door because it is a simple flat slab. It has a high maintenance cost because its wooden material can easily be stained. To give the door a better look, paint it with a color that blends well with your interior.
  • This door will not fit well in a traditional home. Most interior flush doors have a hollow core. This is different from the exterior flush doors that are made with a metal or fiberglass finishing.
  • A French door – French doors give a wider opening to your home while curbing the appeal. Most of these doors have a traditional design, and they come with glass panels. In some homes, you will find them being used as exterior patio doors, while in some, they use them as entryways from one room to another.
  • Pocket Doors and Windows – These windows and doors in Toronto open by sliding into the wall. They were common in old homes. Nowadays, they are no longer for older homes because manufacturers have modified them, and the doors have come back to the market in many styles. You can get a pocket door of different types, either in a single or double door, depending on your preference. However, before buying one, ensure that your wall does not have any lines passing through them, whether electric or plumbing.
  • Bifold Doors – These doors mostly suit closets. Suppose your closet measures more than 6 feet wide, this type of door will be the most suitable for you. If you have a hinged door somewhere, you will need the swinging space for the bifold door to be half the one you have left for the hinged door.
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2. Exterior Doors

Exterior doors are commonly made of three materials; metal, wood, or fiberglass. These doors come in different styles.

  • Storm Doors – Most storm doors are made of vinyl and metal, with some made of wood. These doors are usually heavier than a regular door because they are made to add security to the home. Some have a window and screen, while others come in a simple design. A more designed storm door will cost you more than a simple storm door. It would be best if you get one that matches your front door.
  • Patio Sliding Door – If you want to get a better view of your decorative backyard, this is the door for you. They feature wide glass panes in a wood, metal, or vinyl frame casing. Patio sliding door resembles a French door, only that they do not open as wide as French doors do.
  • It can be confusing for homeowners to choose specific windows and doors from the wide range available in the market. However, understanding these units’ styles makes it easier for you to choose the right replacement windows for your home.
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