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The Top 4 Helpful Moving Websites Of 2018

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Moving has always been a bold step to take and can sometimes give you sleepless nights just thinking about it. From packing to transporting, to getting into a new premise, to unpacking and settling down, everything is quite hectic to do. There are several online websites that offer information on moving. Here is a review of the top 4 helpful moving websites of 2018:

  1. The Moving Blog

The Moving Blog is a website that was founded in the year 2009 by a team of professionals with huge experience in the moving industry. This site provides detailed information as well as updates of the best and most professional moving companies.

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The moving blog has formed partnerships with multiple licensed moving companies and works hand in hand with moving experts who provide them with blog articles that have high editorial standards and accurate relocation information.

They provide information free of charge to people planning to move. They offer helpful tips on how to move stress-free. They also offer free coupon codes and service discounts of various movers that they partner with. Moving companies can advertise their businesses on the Moving Blog.

  1. Moving.com

Moving.com is a subsidiary of News Corp, a part of Move Inc. and a well-established online realty and moving service provider. This website has been ranked top online in providing easy and effective tools and resources to help people making local and international moves, as well as long and short distance moves.

Moving.com partners with moving companies that are licensed and insured, thereby connecting you with trusted truck rental providers and storage facilities. As a site user in need of moving, Moving.com provides you with free quotes based on the move route, size, and timing with no obligations whatsoever from their network of Movers and you get to choose the quote that best suits you.

They have online customized moving tools that save you as the client time and money. You can research on moving, schedule a move, budget for it, and manage it with ease on Moving.com. They also offer information on different cities, the cost of living, insurance, taxes, population, weather, and crime index.

  1. HireAHelper Blog

With over 10 years of working experience in the moving industry, HireAHelper helps people move in an affordable and efficient way using a Hybrid Moving system.

In this system, you can either go for a DIY Move where you rent a container or truck by yourself or opt for a Full-Service Move where movers will handle everything for you. You can decide to employ both approaches where you can rent a truck and get movers separately which is an effective way to save money.

HireAHelper offers information on moving hacks, moving prices, how-to’s and so much more. This blog also offers information to movers, providing them with business tips, pro-moving guides, and industry updates to help them perfect their moving skills.

  1. Updater

Updater is an online moving tool that understands the hectic process that comes with moving. From finding trusted moving companies, transferring utilities, updating accounts, forwarding mail, connecting to home services, Updater platform has digital tools which will help you with all these and more. Updater has partnered with over 15,000 business to make moving an easy process.


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