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Hobbies That Every Gentleman Can Do In His Garage

The garage can be the perfect place to set up your ‘man cave’. This often-neglected part of the house can be transformed into a dedicated room for your hobbies. But if you’re in need of some inspiration for what to do, here are eight popular hobbies that you can enjoy in the garage, provided by Mike James – a writer in the property market, working with CDC Garages in Bournemouth on a range of interesting, garage-based articles for the gentlemen out there to enjoy.

Beer brewing

Have you ever wanted to make your own beer? The garage is the perfect place to set up your own home brewing kit and let it ferment into a tasty ale. You can easily buy a kit that’s suitable for beginners and that will provide you with all of the details on how to set everything up. You could have your first beer ready to drink within a month – then all you need to do is start again and refine your recipe to see what kind of results you can achieve. If your beer is good, you could even use your garage as the premises as you start your own microbrewery.

Home improvement

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Chances are there are probably a few things you need to do around the house, but if you’re no expert in DIY it can take a little while to build up your confidence. So why not start with the garage? Have a proper clear-out and focus on turning your garage into a space that is going to be useful – if you’ve got hobbies in mind you can even set out your garage so that it makes them easy to achieve. This could include anything from mounting a workbench, adding a tool rack or even installing a brand new garage door.


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If your garage has space, it can be the perfect place for carpentry and other woodworking. Improve your skills with wood can make all sorts of DIY and home improvement tasks much easier. Whether you’re interested in building your own pieces of timber furniture, or you’ve just adjusted the shape of door frames to suit your property this is a skill that can be both practical and artistic depending on your preferences. Even if you have very limited experience working with wood, you can start small. Trying to make a shelf or bookend and build out your skills from there.

Car repairs or restoration

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Making repairs and restoration works to cars can be a hugely cathartic process where you can learn a lot. If you’ve got relatively little skills with engines you could just start with an old banger or an old motorcycle and just begin to get used to the workings of an engine. When you’ve got a bit more experienced you can move on to restoring retro classics to their former glory. Alternatively, this could be an easier introduction to modern mechanics for you, so that you feel more confident carrying out maintenance on your current car.

Playing an instrument

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument? Of course, it takes a lot of practice which won’t make you the most popular person in the house – people love to hear instruments played well, but no-one wants to hear you trying to learn. So why not add a little soundproofing to the garage and turn it into your own practice studio? If you’re already experienced on an instrument such as guitar you might be able to make money on the side by offering guitar lessons in your garage.


Too many of us lead lives that are filled with stress and anxiety. If that sounds familiar to you, it may be worth taking up mediation as a hobby. This is a great way to relax and find a greater level of happiness. You’ll need a quiet space to get the most out of your meditation and your garage could actually be a brilliant place to do it.

Drawing and painting

Another option is to turn your garage into your art studio. Whether you work with watercolors or you just prefer sketching, this can be a great way to let out your creative side. It doesn’t matter if you’re good, you can spend plenty of time practicing and adopting a style that’s completely your own.

Whiskey tasting

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Is there any better hobby in the world than whiskey tasting? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran whiskey drinker or you struggle to tell the difference between single malt scotch and Jack Daniels, you’ve got to start somewhere. Whiskey is best tasted away from other smells and tastes, so setting up a whiskey tasting corner in your garage could be a great way to do it.

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