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The 10 Core Competencies and Skills Valued by Employers

The 10 Core Competencies and Skills Valued by Employers
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If you are creating a resume for the first time, it is important to understand what employers are looking for in a potential candidate. You need to learn how to put a resume together by following a basic cv writing format before making your first resume. The key to effective resume writing is simple. All you need to do is demonstrate that you have the requisite skills and core competencies needed for the job. So, let’s look at some of the skills that employers actively look for in potential candidates.

What Skills Are Employers Looking For?

Recruiters always look at the resumes of new employees to find out more about their individual personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. It is a good way for recruiters to find out what skills each candidate has to offer. Here is a list of skills that are in popular demand these days:

1.   Critical thinking

This is an essential skill that will help you excel at your job no matter which field you work in. Critical thinking is all about asking the right questions and connecting the dots to gain a more holistic understanding of an issue. A candidate must be able to analyze information in any given scenario and draw meaningful conclusions from the data. So, when you make your first resume, be sure to include critical thinking on your list of skills.

2.   Leadership

Employers are always looking for candidates who can take charge of stressful situations and ensure the entire team stays on track to meet work deadlines. A good leader often leads by example. So candidates not only need to demonstrate good leadership skills, but they also need to show that they have a solid work ethic. A leader with a good work ethic is more likely to inspire confidence in colleagues and boost overall productivity. There are a few tips for writing a resume that showcases leadership abilities. If you were the leader of any school project or sports team, make sure you include that in your resume. It is a good way of showing recruiters that you have experience in a leadership role, even if that role was not a corporate one.

3.   Communication

Effective communication skills are a must in any workplace. Employers value candidates that have strong verbal as well as written communication skills. Since many companies now use a hybrid model in which employees interact both in-person and online, it is more important than ever before to have strong communication skills. Not only should employees be able to send a well-written email, but they must be able to interact well on a one-on-one basis. So, here are some key rules spelling out what strong communication looks like in the workplace:

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· Use language that is clear and concise. Any written communication must be to the point and not bogged down by unnecessary details.

· When giving a presentation to a large group, make sure you keep their interest by allowing audiences to chip in with their ideas and suggestions.

· Always make sure to listen to others. Good listeners can work better in teams because they take input from all group members instead of pitching their ideas.

4.   Initiative

Taking initiative is all about going the extra mile to get work done. Employers are looking for candidates who complete assigned tasks and volunteer to do extra work or research to ensure that they exceed work expectations.

5.   Technological prowess

With the rise of work-from-home opportunities, it is crucial to know the software that is often used for work-related projects and meetings. Employers are especially on the lookout for candidates who possess strong digital technology skills.

Use A Resume Builder To Showcase Skill Sets

ResumeBuilderPro is a simple online tool that can help you in creating the perfect job resume. It offers users a range of template designs that are smart and professional-looking. You can select the template that meets your requirements and then start filling in your details.

The resume builder will ask you to provide information regarding your education and previous work experience. As you key in your details, the resume builder will add your information to the template simultaneously.

Based on your information, the resume builder will also show you a curated list of skills in high demand in your field. Simply click on a few skills from this list, and they will be automatically added to your resume. It is an effective way of ensuring that you make a resume with the exact skills that employers are looking for in an ideal candidate.

Using a resume builder is also the best way to get help with resume writing because it provides a list of pre-written phrases. By using these phrases, you can make sure that you avoid common mistakes that most people make when they design their very first resumes.

Core Competencies That Give Candidates An Edge

Follow these guidelines to develop important job core competencies in five key areas:


When putting together a resume, make sure that you come across as a reliable and professional candidate. Professionalism is all about saying the right things, following proper workplace behavior, and completing tasks with integrity.


A committed employee always holds themselves accountable by making sure that they meet deadlines on time. They demonstrate a healthy respect for workplace rules and regulations by making sure they execute tasks to the best of their ability.

Stress management

A good candidate must be able to deal with workplace pressure successfully. Often, employees are expected to deliver results in record time and work in extremely stressful conditions. A competent candidate has developed effective coping strategies to deal with the stress of office life. To stop a situation from becoming stressful, employees should always resolve conflicts instead of letting things escalate. Talking things out with teammates and listening to them in return is a good way of expelling stress and making sure that everyone is on the same page.


A good leader is also a person who can delegate tasks well. For example, high-level projects usually require people with various skills. In such scenarios, employers are looking for candidates who can assign their team members tasks according to each individual’s skill set. Candidates with good delegation skills are extremely useful in any work environment because they ensure that the workload is equally distributed among all workers. So, if you aim to get a managerial position, make sure you show your employer that you can delegate work fairly.

Problem Solving

Being able to think creatively and come up with out-of-the-box solutions is extremely important in the workplace. Innovative ideas are the key to problem-solving, so this is a core competency that you must develop to increase your chances of being hired.

Final words

This article outlined certain resume best practices that can help you gain a competitive advantage over other candidates during the recruitment process. Make sure you acquire the skills and core competencies mentioned above to excel in any work environment.

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