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Classic Cigars and Innovative Blends

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Whether you are a cigar fan or are just trying them for the first time, there are lots of amazing product to choose from.  From classic cigars to innovative blends, the world of cigars offers something for all taste and all wallets.  Here are two that highlight the diversity of the market and to inspire your selections.

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Elmer’s Burnt Peach from Durango

Durango Cigars are one example of a classic cigar range that offers original and limited production pipe tobacco cigars as well as offering revolutionizing tobacco agents and storage techniques.  This allows products to ship to clients in the very freshest possible condition.  The company offer several other products but their Durango cigars are always top sellers.

The Elmer’s Burnt Peach is a perfect example of a classic cigar.  The product has a medium blend of toasted Cavendish that is given a slightly sweet aroma from the use of peach and rosemary alongside aged American whiskey and cedar wood.  The result is a cigar that offers a great smoke, with the right level of sweet peach flavor.

Innovative blends from Gurka

Gurkha Cigars is a classic brand that has introduced a range of new, innovative products.  The brand is inspired by the cigars that were created using local tobacco by British soldiers during the colonial rule of India.  They named their cigars for the legendary Nepalese fighters, the Gurkhas and many years later, this identity led to the creation of the Gurkha Cigars brand.

Long known for its classic cigars, the company is also creating innovative new products.  An example is their special release ahead of Father’s Day – their first cigars designed specifically for the drinking connoisseur called the Malt Collection.  The collection includes five premium cigars to pair with favorite drinks while also being great to smoke on their own.  The range covers:

  • The Havana Spice – ideal for aged rum
  • The Sherry Cask – ideal for sherry cask single malts
  • The Oak Blend – ideal for oaky bourbons
  • The Portwood – ideal for single malts aged in Port barrels
  • The Single Cask Blend – ideal for strong single malts with bold and powerful flavors

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These are just a few examples of the many quality products available for those who want to try cigars for the first time or for connoisseurs looking to try something different.  Whether you go with a classic style or opt for something new and innovative, these products will always offer top quality and value for money.  They also make an excellent birthday or Father’s Day present for the cigar fan.

Featured Photo by Matthias Jordan on Unsplash