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A Shirt with Secret Weapons? The California Cowboy Style

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When you tell someone that your shirt contains secret weapons, people start thinking James Bond, hidden guns and watches with dart guns in them.  But there are shirts that has a number of secret weapons of an entirely more social form – and still lets you look great when wearing it.

Who is California Cowboy?

California Cowboy was founded by fashion industry veteran Drew Clark who took what he learned working for companies such as Levi Strauss & Co to found his own company – California Cowboy.  Having grown up in LA, Drew wanted to create shirts that were inspired by retro styles and reflected true Californian culture but also that had secret weapons built in to help in those social situations.

The brand wanted to bring back the classic looks of the Hawaiian style shirt that was popular in the 1950s and add a host of features that would make James Bond impressed, although unable to actually kill anyone with what was in them.  The result was the High Water shirt.

What is a High Water shirt?

This was the name given by California Cowboy to their innovative yet retro creation – a style of shirt that comes with fun features.  These include:

  • A dry pocket that is perfect to ensure your smartphone doesn’t get wet or covered in sand
  • A bottle opener in a special pocket
  • A sunglasses secure loop to ensure you get that cool, hanging sunglasses look without worrying about them dropping off
  • The bottle pocket and koozie – never be without essentials on a hot day and impress everyone you meet
  • Conversation cards to ensure you are never stuck for something to say

While these fun, secret weapons make any social situation instantly easier and break the ice, the shirt is also very practical.  It is based on the classic Aloha shirt that has been popular across California for the last 70 years and has vintage-inspired prints.  But the California Cowboy version has a slim fit to accent the modern physique and also has a built-in towel to avoid that damp shirt look.

The High Sierra

The brand then wanted to expand its range to incorporate other central parts of the California life away from the beach.  This led to the creation of the California Cowboy High Sierra shirt.  This shirt uses luxury flannel from Japan and Portugal and is lined with cotton modal thermal.  This means it is ideal when away from the coast and in the cooler parts of the state.

Then the shirt also has those hidden weapons that make the California Cowboy range unique.  The water-resistant hunting inspired dry pocket holds tech such as smartphones and prevents them from getting wet.  There is also both a sunglasses loop and hidden glove loop while all the shirts come with the beer koozie, bottle opener and conversation stopper cards in their special pocket.  There is even a reinforced bottle pocket for that essential drink.

Practical and fun

These shirts have the perfect balance of practical and fun features that means you look good, feel comfortable and have the tools to handle any situation – well, almost any.  They are also high-quality shirts that are comfortable to wear and durable as well as extremely stylish.