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6 Rewarding Career Options Involving Psychology

6 Rewarding Career Options Involving Psychology
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Do you have an interest in the study of the human mind? If so, then majoring in psychology is something to consider.

But what can you do with a psychology degree? A bachelor of science degree in psychology is the first step towards the top jobs in the field and a springboard for several other career options.

The following are six rewarding career options to consider for those interested in studying psychology:

Art Therapist

It turns out creating art – even if it’s drawing lines in the dirt – has therapeutic properties. Perhaps that’s why so many of us find ourselves doodling when anxious or bored? The value of art in psychology has led to the development of art therapy as a specific field. As an art therapist, you’ll help people use artistic expression as a healthy outlet for complex and challenging emotions. The sorts of clients you’ll encounter range from troubled teens to spiritless senior citizens, all of which stand to benefit from creative thought and artistic expression.

School Psychologist

Elementary schools, junior highs, and high schools are increasingly hiring full-time school psychologists to work alongside educators and administrators in the service of students. Reflecting this rise in popularity is the availability of accredited school psychology programs in California and other states. That’s because universities are working fast to meet demand. Working as a school psychologist, you’ll play the role of a counselor but with more credentials and authority. That means helping students when they confide in you about their problems, detecting unspoken issues – especially those stemming from home – and guiding young people as they set off on the road to adulthood.

Clinical Psychologist

Do you want to be the person who sits in a chair across from someone laying on a couch, listening as they describe their most vivid memories from childhood? If so, then you want to become a clinical psychologist. However, the classic therapist isn’t the only option available to those with an advanced degree in clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists also work in hospital settings and other environments where mental health conditions are more common.

Instructional Designer

Have you ever wondered who makes all those online tutorials, training manuals, and practice lessons used to teach us how to use products, perform tasks, and achieve outcomes? They’re called instructional designers, and it turns out there’s a lot of psychology involved in what they do for a living. That’s because they have to get inside the head of the user when designing instructional content. In conjunction with technical writing prowess, an understanding of psychology is key to developing quality instructional material, especially in a corporate setting.

Forensic Psychologist

One of the most exciting career options involving psychology is working as a forensic psychologist. Working with law enforcement, forensic psychologists are experts in criminal profiling and aid investigators in apprehending suspects and predicting patterns in behavior. If dealing with the underbelly of society proves too dreadful, those with a forensic psychology degree can pivot to careers in social work and criminal analysis, which are less directly involved in the unlawful side of life but critical in pursuing justice and protecting innocence.

Sports Psychologist

The mental side of athletic pursuit is every bit as important as the physical side. That’s where a sports psychologist enters the picture. A sports psychologist helps both amateur and professional athletes better understand their mindful approach to athletic performance. Getting to the root of anxiety and unchecked emotion is the key to achieving optimum results in professional sports, and sports psychologists are experts in helping athletes reach that outcome.

While much of the human mind remains hidden within a black box of mystery, psychology has helped unlock many secrets about how we think and behave. Given the role humans play in the success of our society, the emphasis on psychology has permeated across virtually every sector and industry. With this in mind, the list of rewarding careers in psychology begins with the six mentioned above. But that’s only the beginning.

Featured Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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