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Managing Online Casinos: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Managing Online Casinos: Tips for Entrepreneurs
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It can be very difficult for startups to scale their businesses, secure enough funds for development, or grow in general. Most entrepreneurs are focused on innovation, presenting and executing their ideas, but things don’t always go as we plan. In fact, we are all just humans, with our own cognitive biases, and what we deem as a good idea isn’t an accurate evaluation of that same idea. 

This is why most startups either fail or take way too long to validate their business model. In other words, you don’t need to innovate all the time; you can often rely on tried and tested methods or ideas to thrive. Online gambling has proven to be an incredibly lucrative business model. If you look at Pragmatic Play casinos, you will notice that many iGaming businesses use this same content provider. On top of that, they are trying to create similar offers for potential users. All of these tactics have yielded positive results. So, let’s go over some tips for managing online casinos.   

Stay On Top of Industry Standards

Many international operators have a solid user base and are currently doing pretty well in the iGaming industry. Of course, some extremely lucrative operators act as sponsors for big sports events, and the reality is that most online casinos don’t have such capital at their disposal. You can look at Playamo casino as a solid mid-range operator that offers great game selection and bonuses. The platform launched in 2016, and they managed to stay relevant for half a decade, which is definitely a success. 

Of course, there are plenty of other positive examples and tips that you can examine and draw your own conclusions on managing this business. So far, we can identify a few key elements that help online casino sites grow:

  • Quality promotions and loyalty program
  • Consistent SEO campaign
  • Creative web design
  • Partnership with multiple software developer companies
  • Diverse payment options
  • Focusing on a niche audience 

Let’s examine all of these elements in detail and give some tips on managing these endeavors. 

Quality Promotions and Loyalty Program for Casino Games

Almost every operator has bonuses, promotions, and some form of loyalty program. We can see a trend that casinos advertise their site by focusing on their welcome offer. The welcome bonus usually matches users’ initial deposit and adds some free spins for specific games. This is something users immediately see when they are on a website, and it can boost the site’s conversion rate. However, the user base has changed over the years, and they know that bonuses come with wagering requirements, so you might have to slightly alter your approach. 

You can create a more modest offer but point out that you have low wagering requirements if you wish to do things differently. On top of welcome bonuses, operators often use promo codes that players can use to get some more freebies. These codes usually have an expiration date, and they accompany some sort of big event relevant to the gambling industry. Lastly, they have loyalty programs for big spenders and programs that incentivize players to make a deposit again, also known as reload bonuses.   

Consistent SEO Campaign

Any site needs to have an SEO campaign to maintain visibility. This means that casinos need to optimize their content or wording on their website. They also need to have multiple backlinks on other websites. The site needs to be mobile-friendly, and they constantly need to publish new content. These are all tried and tested SEO tactics, and they are an absolute necessity today. You cannot expect it to work immediately, but if you are consistent and do things by the book, you will definitely see an increase in traffic. 

One way casinos promote their site is through other ranking platforms. They need to seek these third parties to review and put them on one of the top casino lists, but we will speak about this in greater detail later.  

Creative Web Design

To establish your brand, you need to stand out and be creative. You can see that online casinos are trying to pick a theme for their site and stick to it. Some want to be a royal palace. Others want to be a galactic cruiser, and so on. There is no rule here pertaining to what you need to be, as pretty much anything goes. Even if the concept is not directly related to gambling. However, because you are new, you might want a domain name that contains a relevant keyword like a casino, slots, cards, luck, etc. So, find a relevant and available domain name and then build on top of that concept.  

Partnership With Slot Developers

You need to have quality and iconic games to attract new players and retain your regulars. This is only possible if you offer content from the top slot or casino game developers. Now your budget and size of the audience will strongly dictate what you can do in this department. Each developer has a unique deal with the operator regarding how expenses are handled when players pay for the online casinos’ host games. Some of the most popular companies nowadays are:

  • Netent
  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • BetSoft
  • Yggdrasil

Diverse Payment Options

Although they don’t affect the gaming experience, payment options are another important component. Right now, online casinos that are trending are the ones that allow players to use cryptocurrency to gamble. This is more than a simple payment method. It also enables users to stay anonymous. This isn’t an absolute necessity yet, but it helps to have it as an option. Additionally, having e-wallets as an available method is definitely a plus, and offering payments Master and VISA cards and via PayPal is an industry-standard. 

Focusing on a Niche Audience

Focusing on a Niche Audience
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Finally, you need to be aware of your limitations or that you cannot be the best in all categories. You can’t offer the best bonuses or the biggest selection of games, or the best app. You can focus on a niche audience and see what you can do to attract those users. So, you might want to enable them to use a wide array of their cryptocurrencies, or you might want to focus on low wagering requirements. You want to pick a category where you can be ranked high and ask sites that review the casinos to rank you in that category on their platform. This is good for SEO, and it can help you establish your core audience.


These were some general tips for managing online casino operators. Even though it doesn’t sound too complicated, it’s worth mentioning that this industry is very competitive. This is a lucrative business, and it is attractive for many companies with decent capital. You will also need to make sure you comply with all of the laws and regulations and have enough financial resources to compensate the potential winners. In other words, it’s not necessarily a possible career choice for someone who doesn’t have enough money for high startup costs. 

We hope these tips on managing online casinos has been useful for you.

Featured Photo by Headway on Unsplash