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Education debts: how to pay them off?

Education debts: how to pay them off?
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Determine the causes

First of all, you need to figure out why the “education debts” appeared. The reason may be health problems, depression, fatigue, conflicts in the group, with teachers, in the family. If the “debts” appeared because there is no energy to study, you need to solve the original problem urgently. Try to rest and seek help from doctors and psychologists.

Assess the scale

When unaccomplished academic assignments pile up, and the list of education debts grows day by day, it seems that the situation is out of control. To deal with the panic:

  1. Write out all the tasks and papers that need to be turned in.
  2. Break them down by subject and indicate deadlines – even if they are already overdue. If you’ve been absent from class lately, talk to your RA and classmates.
  3. Don’t forget to ask about samples and a list of materials recommended in preparation.

If you think this will go on for a long time, maybe ask yourself “will credit repair work for me” or maybe it can help you see the bigger picture. We have to start fixing somewhere, right?

Make a plan

The next step is to divide your free time between tasks and make a schedule. Assess your abilities critically: it is unlikely that you can write a paper for a good mark, having spent 1-2 hours on it. And “potboiler,” copied from the Internet, will not be accepted by the supervisor.

At the same time, put in a scheduled time to rest – if you will not sleep and distract from the study for at least a couple of hours, deplete the body. Productivity falls quickly in such conditions, but it takes a long time to recover.

Prepare your papers

Failure to pass a midterm, a test, a laboratory paper, or an essay can be a reason for not taking an exam. Academic debt must be closed within one year. Otherwise, you will be expelled from the educational institution.

To start the session without adventure and risk of being expelled, write and submit your work in advance. It is a bad idea to come to the exam with a hastily prepared essay on the last night to the principal teacher.

You can find help from friends: if your classmates have already handed in papers, ask them to share. Use other people’s materials only as a sample: any fraud from poor-quality rewrite to substitute work will set up a friend and anger the teacher.

If your friends and classmates are also barely making it, ask tutoring centers for help or buy college essays from special services. They can help you write tests, reports, term papers or make presentations, correct grammatical and factual mistakes.

Find a teacher

Usually, professors meet the needs of students who try to rectify their education debts on their initiative. So if you are confident in your tutor’s adequacy and the reason for “delaying” is valid, go to him or her and explain the situation. Clarify the new deadline and the terms of debt closing: you may be asked to do an additional assignment to demonstrate understanding of the topic.

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When the deadline is over, the work must be handed in person. Teachers who work in different departments are hard to track down. Find out the schedule from the guidance counselors or the department. Not everyone checks email regularly, and the closer the end of the semester comes, the more valuable each day is. 

We hope that our article helped you pull yourself together and look at the problem from a different angle. Do not despair and do not hesitate to ask for help from the experts. There is no such thing as an insoluble problem.

Featured Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash